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elon musk has brilliant plan to change your roof

by:Xingfa      2019-10-28
At the very least, Tesla\'s decision to buy SolarCity is unpopular.
Since the proposed merger was announced, analysts have called it a bailout.
Widespread criticism around the deal stems mainly from the following points: as part of a merger that shareholders will vote on November 17, Tesla will buy SolarCity\'s $3 billion debt.
SolarCity is burning money, and its stock has plunged more than 50% since the beginning of this year.
Musk is also the biggest shareholder of the two companies, and as the cousin of SolarCity CEO Lyndon River, he has a private relationship with the company.
All of these moving parts have made many people wonder why Tesla, who is about to start the huge business of making Model 3, decided to move into the emerging solar industry.
But Tesla\'s foray into solar power actually makes more sense than what it sees with its own eyes, which of course is not unexpected.
Youtube/video omisery has been Tesla\'s first generation of Powerwall for a long time.
While it\'s naive to assume that Musk\'s bid for SolarCity is only part of his vision to save the planet, it\'s also foolish to say that the whole deal is based on supporting SolarCity.
In fact, Musk has been planning to enter the solar industry for a long time.
As Musk wrote in his original \"master plan\" in 2006, \"The overall goal of Tesla Motor (
The reason why I funded the company)
To help speed up the relocation from the mine. and-
Turning the hydrocarbon economy to the solar power economy is, I think, the main solution for sustainability, but not the only one.
Musk also said that as part of the solar program, Tesla will
Marketing sustainable energy products from other companies with cars to \"provide zero emission power generation options \".
Tesla launches its-
The Powerwall home battery option in 2015 demonstrated Musk\'s commitment to solar power.
Through TeslaMusk\'s argument, a big bet on batteriesScreenshot,-
Home batteries are a necessary part of solar installation. At-
Home batteries allow users to store solar energy and use it at night.
When the rates are low, they also extract power from the public grid.
In fact, the two processes have not yet begun. in-
The hand seems outdated.
Tesla wrote in a blog post in August 1: \"solar and storage are at their best when combined . \".
As a company, Tesla (storage)and SolarCity (solar)
Can create fully integrated residential, commercial and power grid
Expand the scale of products and improve the generation, storage and consumption of energy.
\"That\'s why Tesla has made a big bet on the battery and has invested billions of dollars to start and run its huge Gigabit plant.
Of course, the Geely factory is where Tesla makes batteries for its cars, Powerwall, and commercial battery options Powerpack.
While it\'s still too early, Tesla\'s battery bets seem to be working.
The company received 38,000 pre-
Powerwall orders were sold out in the first half of 2016.
While we have to wait and see the new and improved Powerwall 2.
0 fare, it seems that the business of Tesla and Powerpack is also ready to go.
Musk said in 2015 that Tesla expects \"80% (if not 90%) of all the fixed storage we sell will be Powerpack, not Powerwall.
\"Tesla has reached an agreement with several utilities for its Powerpack.
Recently, Tesla was selected to offer a 20 MW/80 MWh Powerpack system at the Edison Mira Roma substation in Southern California, making it the world\'s largest lithium-ion battery storage project.
Powerpack will be charged during shutdown by taking energy from the gridpeak hours.
But as a better indicator, SolarCity is using Tesla\'s 52 MWh Powerpack to bring 20 years of power to Kauai Island, Hawaii.
SolarCity has built a 12 megawatt solar farm to help with the power supply.
Tesla and SolarCity are expected to work with utilities as power companies do their best to slow down solar adoption.
Electricity companies in Florida cost $29.
According to the Miami Herald, 3 million things are about the political movement to quell solar adoption.
Utilities from Colorado to Nevada have launched similar wars.
This is not to say that the road ahead will not be difficult for the new Tesla.
Solar Cities are traditionally solar companies.
But the initial adoption of the Powerpack should not be canceled.
A screenshot of the solar roof released through teslae shows that there are still many questions to answer about Musk\'s new solar roof product, which he released last week.
Musk was still not caught in weeds during the installation, even at the price.
SolarCity CEO lyphirive says their goal is to reach 40 cents per watt for its batteries, which will meet the requirements of competitors.
But it is clear that Musk is trying to take the same approach as the Tesla sports car on the solar roof.
Musk is purposefully making sure Tesla\'s first electric car is an undeniable sexy sports car that will inspire people\'s enthusiasm when electric cars are seen as something other than sexy.
Roof tiles are not as sexy as cars, but Musk\'s goal is to compete on an aesthetic level.
Musk said in a conference call on Tuesday night: \"First of all, I have never seen the solar roof I really want . . . . . . They are very strange . \".
\"With no exception, every one I see is worse than a normal roof.
So, unless you want to beat the roof aesthetically, why bother?
\"Of course, we haven\'t seen what kind of demand there is for solar roofs.
But Musk is trying to position Tesla as a vandal in the solar industry by offering a new range of products for solar, just like electric cars.
As it is now, there were people who criticized the strategy at the time, but if someone wanted to make solar energy sexy enough to trigger a bigger adoption, it would be Musk.
At the very least, the application of solar energy will grow. Total U. S.
13 are expected.
According to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, by the end of 2018, 1 GW was more than twice what it is now.
Scott Olsen/Getty Images at Buffalo factory Musk.
Musk\'s grand vision is the Buffalo plant in New York, which produces solar cells.
Tesla is notorious for production issues, most notably Model X, which suffered a delay three years after its initial commitment to postpone delivery to the second half of 2016.
Tesla\'s car factory can produce 500,000 cars a year, but only a small part of it is currently produced.
Tesla will keep it all
Deliver annual guidance for 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles by the end of the year.
Of course, just because Tesla\'s car has a production problem does not mean that the same problem will occur in its solar cell production.
But more importantly, Musk has a history of over-commitment and delivery, and there have been problems with the construction of the Buffalo plant.
Tesla\'s Buffalo plant was originally the production facility of SolarCity.
According to The Buffalo News reported on 2017, SolarCity initially wanted the Buffalo plant to be put into production this year, but the production schedule of the plant was postponed until August.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the construction of the Buffalo plant is scheduled to be completed in November and production will begin at the end of June.
Shareholders will vote on the merger on November 17. If everything goes as planned, it\'s important to hear how Musk plans to launch new solar products, and if the plant doesn\'t start production in six months.
At the very least, before Tesla had to deal with SolarCity\'s debt, it had time to create cash, and SolarCity had taken steps to increase its cash flow to 2017.
The company traditionally leases panels, but now sells more to generate cash.
SolarCity launched a loan program in June to encourage buying as part of a strategic change
The third residential reservation in SolarCity in September is for purchase.
Tesla certainly has a lot of room for development in the future, but there are also a lot of mobile parts that are good for Tesla.
Whether it\'s Tesla or musk, investors need to be willing to participate in this long game.
Now look: Forget the solar panel-
Elon Musk wants to build a solar roof if (
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