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elon musk\'s first tesla solar roof is here, and it looks amazing

by:Xingfa      2019-11-02
Elon Musk\'s house is powered by solar energy.
Tesla CEO announced the news on Wednesday\'s second-quarter 2017 earnings call.
Straubel, the company\'s chief technology officer, has installed solar roof tiles on their houses.
\"We have installed and used solar roof tiles,\" Musk told investors on a conference call . \".
Tesla began to take pre-
Work with US retailers to order sleek tile styles in textured black and grayS.
Orders are expected to start shipping this year.
Unfortunately, those who did not order immediately waited a long time: the tiles were sold out in just 16 days until next year.
The company is expected to start accepting orders for the remaining Tuscan and slate styles in November, with delivery starting next year.
International orders are expected to start shipping next year.
Solar roof tiles are available at competitive prices.
Tesla is priced at $21 on average.
£ 85 per square foot, less than the cost of a regular roof.
Musk was one of the first to start and run the tiles.
When he first announced the tiles in October, he showed in the garage the vision of a future House for a Tesla Model 3, a Powerpack lithium-
Ion batteries on the wall, and roofs made of solar tiles.
Tiles will provide power for Powerpack, which will provide a steady stream of power for cars and houses at any time of the day.
Powerpack has been on the market since last month, and Model 3 has also started shipping, with tiles being the last missing part of his vision.
Tesla solar tile on the roof.
\"What I want to emphasize is that there is no photography shopping on the roof,\" Musk said . \".
\"This is actually what it looks like. it\'s not taken by some people . . . . . . It took some photos with your phone and sent them over.
That\'s what we\'re talking about here, not some special lighting conditions.
Photographer\'s situation
This is the first version and I think this roof will look great as we iterate.
Aerial shooting of the roof.
The solar roof is cheaper than the new one, even before using the roof to bring energy savings.
With these factors in mind, the roof starts paying for itself: Tesla\'s solar roof price comparison.
These tiles are strong.
They are made of tempered glass, which makes them about three times more powerful than slate or asphalt.
In addition to this, the tiles can be thawed by using similar methods adopted by anti-
Wire used in windshield.
All of this means that the tiles can work in extreme conditions: Tesla tiles as shown on the far right.
\"The solar roof is the most durable roof, and the glass itself will provide a lifetime warranty for your house, or an unlimited warranty, whichever comes first, Tesla said in a blog post.
Musk explained in a conference call that the production of solar roof tiles should grow exponentially in a way similar to Model 3.
This means that the initial growth will be slow, followed by a sharp increase, and finally the plateau where Tesla produces a lot of tiles every month.
However, even if production reaches its peak, it will take a long time for each house to have a solar roof.
Musk with Tuscan roof tiles.
\"I think in the end almost all houses will have solar roofs,\" Musk said at the TED conference in Vancouver . \".
\"The thing to consider is that the time scale may reach 40 years in 50 years.
On average, the roof is replaced every 20 to 25 years, but you will not start replacing all the roofs immediately, but in the end if you move quickly from now on to 15 years, it is unusual to have a roof without solar energy.
\"In addition to the tiles, Tesla\'s solar operations have been a huge success recently.
Last month, Tesla announced that it would build the world\'s largest battery in South Australia to solve the state\'s energy problems.
This 100 MW energy package will store renewable energy for 30,000 households.
A Storm in last September
With 7 million residents without electricity, it is hoped that Tesla\'s solution will prevent similar situations from happening again.
In the future, these technological breakthroughs will turn the entire country of the United States into solar energy.
Musk has developed an ambitious plan, including the use of rooftop solar panels.
Large power plants and localized power infrastructure.
Tesla Powerpack as the company renders.
\"If you want to power the entire United States with solar panels, a fairly small corner of Nevada, Texas, or Utah is fine;
You only need about 100 miles of solar panels to power the entire United States, \"Musk said in a keynote speech at the Rhode Island National Governors Association event last month.
\"You need a battery that stores energy, so you have a power of 24/7, 1 mile. One square-mile.
\"Solar roofs can be the first step in a major shift in energy production.
The photo by TeslaMike Brown is London-
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After studying journalism at Columbia University in New York, he returned to the UK to cover the news that happened across Europe.
His work has been published in magazines such as the IBBY times, Neowin, and architecture magazine.
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