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Electricity incoming synthetic resin tile development

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
With the extensive development of e-commerce in a range, the rapid development of the road of the synthetic resin tile electricity has open the floodgates, this also is for resin tile enterprises provides a rich market space. Synthetic resin tile enterprises gain electricity is also naturally, electricity for the resin, the future development of the enterprise after many aspects of exploration, the perfect channel to electricity resin tile. Synthetic resin tile industry enter into the field of electronic commerce now increasingly protruding, nowadays a lot of synthetic resin tile enterprises have wade e-commerce channels, and a small achievement.
the consumer have such misunderstanding, always feel line of low cost, and low prices. In fact, online sales cost as below, there are 10% & ndash; 20% of the advertising cost, transportation cost and advance after cost, such as it would if online, offline or higher than opaque caused by price differences are actually physical stores, is artificially high price. In addition, we see actual price and discount, low price but don't discount online, offline despite the high price, but often can have very low discount. With electricity, synthetic resin tile enterprises should do most is traditional channels of net sales, price transparency, not artificially high, consumers will be more willing to this personalized strong wei yu in the physical channel consumption goods.
with continuous infiltration of electronic information, 80, 90, after the rise of new consumer groups, electricity has become nowadays one of the most hot topics of the synthetic resin tile industry. In the annual sales of building materials products ratio, synthetic resin tile products also became the highest turnover, accounting for 18% of the market, it shows that the future of synthetic resin tile electric dealer market is overwhelming. As an emerging market, it is a place where a blank and degree will be more competitive in the late. Ever-present in the market competition, the opportunity always be there. This is a contradiction problem, the opportunity for companies to the understanding of the situation. In the past in the eldest brother brand in the industry, market share, is also looking forward to preempt the electricity business. A penetration, the consolidation process in the future, who is the sanitary ware industry monopoly, there is quite a long time.
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