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Elaborate resin tile industry in the development of a new direction

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
'Resin industry sustainable development, from the traditional high consumption of extensive growth mode to the efficient way of intensive transformation, construction way to shift from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, green construction is one of the important ways to achieve this transformation. 'Sustainable development is the embodiment of the global plan as a whole,' the enterprise rely on profits 'this is a for-profit, spread through the stall, than equipment, spelling a human to pursue high economic benefit is understandable, but YiYeBiMu, resin tile enterprises focus has been on the project engineering construction speed and economic benefits, common field pollution and waste phenomenon is serious. And the lack of social benefit, environmental benefit and produce negative effects accumulate, the survival of its resin tile enterprise actually already exist in name only. 'Changing ideas, the implementation of three benefits of green building materials tile roof resin, does not mean that the resin tile enterprises must have high investment, affect the construction period and economic benefit, on the contrary will promote the enterprise comprehensive benefits', 'not only can continue with the program benefits like before, can now also to the technology, management, and save to benefit', to realize the green construction, coupled with the government and the market of two-wheel drive, resin tile enterprise realizes the construction of the green construction enterprise quantity presents the large scale growth, various projects department of scientific management and green technology are also flowers, provides a multiple model for how to carry out green construction.
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