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Elaborate a long history of China

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
China, began in the xia dynasty, in the spring and autumn, sheng in the qin and han dynasties. Chinese culture has a long history in four thousand, tile shape features of different periods, and mapping out the period of the culture. Industry and trade co. , LTD. , production and supply of archaize synthetic resin tile, the introduction of international advanced co-extrusion composite technology and the domestic first-class production equipment, selects the French ATOGLAS company produces the high weatherability engineering resin materials refined but become. Its outstanding characteristic is environmental protection, energy conservation and renewable utilization of rich colors and no fading, aesthetically pleasing, stereo sense is strong, and conform to the Chinese architectural culture characteristics. Not only by domestic broad recognition, also more and more popular among international customers! Watt class history never appear like today from raw materials, production process to the scope of application of diversification. This reflects the development of our science and technology, progress of The Times. Watts, represents a kind of style of Chinese architecture. , and became a representative part of Chinese culture. Synthetic resin tile is promoting ping change slope engineering, green, environmental protection products, beginning in 2001, popular across the country in major cities. Synthetic resin tile has come to our side, welcome to business leaders, community to come to discuss!
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