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Earthquakes - - Using synthetic resin tile more secure

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
New message, 17 years on January 18, 22 when 35 junlian county, sichuan province LeYi township in 4. 3 earthquake, according to preliminary statistics, the county a total of damaged the farmhouse tearing crack between 1401 3050, collapse 1 between 2, economic loss of 15. 42 million yuan. According to the statistics, the earthquake damaged houses, all is the old clay tile roofs, is Chinese style tile and glazed tile roof cover, although the earthquake magnitude is not high, but the tile material is heavier, the seismic performance is poor, it is easy to fracture, fall off, so during an earthquake, easily fall injury or furniture appliances, cause serious secondary damage. In the picture below the roof, there was a slight earthquake will occur, tile large slide dangerous; If the magnitude is higher, the wall collapsed cracking or beams, the roof tiles will pour down, consequence is unimaginable. Now, under the national government's vigorously guide, most of the post-disaster reconstruction, to consider the safety problem on select material, selection of lightweight, fire prevention, security firm, don't fall off the building materials. Synthetic resin as a new environmental protection building materials, the entire laid, qualitative light, about 6 kg per square meter, the self-tapping screw fastening plate, don't fall off, is a new type of roofing materials ideal. In wenchuan, Tibet and other regions in the post-disaster reconstruction is a large number of applications, in ping change slope engineering, the state is also promoted. Synthetic resin tile will be its earthquake resistance performance of the outstanding safety performance and gradually replace the traditional material, become a new type of roofing materials. Suggest in seismically active areas of residents, so choose the strong security building material to avoid the secondary injuries, and synthetic resin tile is such a strong security of roofing materials. Shandong professional manufacturer of resin tile national sales hotline: 0535 - 3490877, 15165728720,
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