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Dujiangyan resin tile manufacturers selling

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Dujiangyan synthetic resin tile factory, the sales manager to contact: - 133 4882 - 5100 ( Yellow manager) , dujiangyan resin tile manufacturers have a lot of resin are customized production, main watts and accessories is dripping eaves and ridge tile, oblique ridge tile, tee, plug, great and small become warped up the feet, rectangular sealing side, v-shaped flashing, dragon playing beads, screw waterproof cushion cap, big gourd, xiao bao ding.

resin tile is a widely applicable in dujiangyan, roofing villa, ping change slope, garden, community, reconstruction of cave roof, pavilions, the city, old house renovation, the new rural construction, etc.

the qin shu satrap Li Bingjian early weir, the dujiangyan name Jian which, it is because the dujiangyan which near the mountain, qin and han dynasties

dujiangyan scenic

call Jian mountain before, and then the dujiangyan di qiang is the main living national people around, they called weir which, so dujiangyan call Jian which.

three kingdoms period, the dujiangyan area set douan map, because of the county, said dujiangyan pre-appointment weir. At the same time, also called gold dike, it is highlight the role of yuzui water-dividing dike, name generation embankment dam.

in the tang dynasty, renamed the dujiangyan weir Jian end. Because at that time to the embankment material and method, main is to break the bamboo cage, three feet, circle diameter to Shi Shi, tired and backwater, which USES bamboo cage stone, called Jian tail.

until the song dynasty, in on the first mention of dujiangyan: yongkang army at the age of dujiangyan, stone cage snake river stem water, with several county irrigation.

about DouJiang the source of the name 'shu water test' said FuHe, a river in chengdu, there are two source, namely Pi jiang, jiang also. Flow is another call check jiang, jiang on the chengdu plain FuHe Pi river, south river river, namely their upstream, dujiangyan is neijiang shunt BaiTiaoHe and take up the river. 'Including topography,' said DouJiang river in chengdu. Since the song dynasty, in summary, the whole of the dujiangyan irrigation system project called dujiangyan, to more accurately represent the entire system of water conservancy projects, has been in use today

enter the castle peak hide the cobbler village, the reporter sees flat roads, clean the courtyard, new in the near blue glazed tile roof especially striking.

the cobbler village is located in lincang city, yunnan province zhenkang BaiYan Village nansan town, is a small village of the miao people inhabit. According to the village of miao nationality, a 86 - year - old old man Song Xiaozhao memories, the past few decades, he has already can't remember how many times have FangXiu tile on the ladder. From bifurcation bifurcation, mud-brick room, thatched houses, and then to today's brick joisted reside a room, the villagers' houses built more and more strong, more live more comfortable. And changes are happening on the roof, from straw, plastic sheeting, felt, and then to soil and asbestos shingle.

at the time the most afraid of the wind rain, child goes to bed at night can be rain. Song Xiaozhao said, in our yard now with this big, even hail will not be afraid.

thanks to the county to carry out the project of transformation of dilapidated house of his old house and put on such a tile, just like a refurbished.

old stockade move down from the mountain for more than a decade, weather-beaten, before building the use of asbestos sheets has been aging and damage. Sometimes it rained hard, the home greatly small POTS and barrels are used to connect the water. The villagers' group leader cermet doctrine.

the basin after the rain of the helpless, the villagers have long wanted to replace the grinding of broken tile, get rid of the outside of the heavy rain, light rain in the room. Replaceable, project implementation, the cobbler village have a controversy: someone insist to use resin tile, price cheap, installation is convenient; Anyone want to put on glazed tile, the price is a little high but the quality is reliable, only need to villagers in the government subsidy funds, then add to a few money.

resin tile although cheap, but in the long run, glazed tile, apparently, more cost-effective. TaoJinXue meeting in democracy, consult the opinions of the big guy. After some discussion, the villagers finally chose the glazed tile.

repaired many times the cobbler village villagers of the roof this time is worry and peace of mind & ndash; — Building materials directly to the yard, the construction group is responsible for the installation. After the main body structure of houses, the original old asbestos shingle becomes bright glazed tile. Some villagers still extra spent part of the money, and its internal and external walls of paint. At present, there are 48 units in the village, of transformation of dilapidated house of completion, and 6 family house demolition reconstruction.

from the past passive repair to now active in watts, villagers' mentality changed, thanks to the growing rich style is becoming more and more. Once the cobbler village, the old people in the village recalls, most of the villagers to hunting, no stable income; In 2003, with the support of local government, they have moved to the current location, a less than 20 minutes drive distance from the county seat.

because near the county seat, to the young people more and more migrant workers in the city, to find the right job. The villagers left used to hunting crossbow, picked up the rich hoe and sickle, adjust measures to local conditions development sugarcane industry, planting area has reached more than 400 mu. Last year, the whole village has cut the sugar cane is more than 5800 tons.

this is cut into sugar cane season ends. Two people one day can finish mow acres, the day is near the car directly to the sugar mill. The current price can reach 450 yuan a ton. The theory of cermet.

sun cobbler village new change of glazed tile particularly. Common people's life is becoming more and more under the roof.
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