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Doors and Windows companies looking to the future new market

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Our country construction the size was not unified, making the doors and Windows industry still is given priority to with customization. Customized production of door will create customized hardware locks industry. Now that the doors and Windows, furniture, wardrobe, cabinets and other household items can be customized, so, locks product customization production is entirely possible. Because locks bundling trend more and more obvious, consumers are more likely to buy has equipped with a lock of kinds of products. May arise in the future, customized lock industry two situations: one kind is lock door companies become a supporting production workshop; Another is that a design company after receiving orders, arrange door companies with lock enterprise according to the requirement of production orders, but the door and lock brand owners are design company. At present, has been a door companies on the first try. With the advent of lock industry reshuffle peak, some small micro enterprises lock will be eliminated. After pain tenacious survive the enterprise competitive power is stronger, and more strength for customized production. Future, brand awareness is high, the door of a certain scale enterprises and lock companies will usher in a new situation of the cooperation, locks customized production will also usher in a new blue ocean.
it is well known, although earlier than door locks industry scale development, but industry after more than ten years of rapid development, the size of its industry is far in excess of the lock industry. Now, an indicator of door industry development has become a lock industry. Often after the advent of a new door locks enterprise in accordance with paragraph that will match the lock door product design production. Many European style locks are on the market according to the design concept of high-end european-style wooden door production. At present, the door in the relationship with the lock enterprise, door factory is dominant. In most cases, however, to door lock enterprise companies to seek cooperation, rarely with a door factory actively cooperate with the lock factory. Most lock enterprise boss also think that locks is door accessories, only satisfy door factory, lock products to be sold.
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