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do you have to use a primer for self-adhesive flooring?

by:Xingfa      2019-10-22
The floor surface determines the performance of the tile floor after installation.
Because most peopleand-
The tiling is flexible and there will be bumps, holes or gaps on the floor.
The smooth, clean surface of the primer ensures that the adhesive on the back of the tile forms a good adhesive and does not fail or cause the tile to lift or bend.
Although your floor will initially be attached to a floor without primer, surfaces such as concrete and plywood are porous materials. Peel-and-
The tiling has a relatively thin adhesive coating on the backing, which does not fill the pores.
When the adhesive is cured, there may be a gap between the floor and the tile.
It may fill these gaps when moisture enters the underlying material, causing the adhesive to fail.
The tiles may bubble, peel off or fall off completely. Peel-and-
Pasting bricks can be used on a dry concrete bottom, but it is not recommended because concrete is a porous material that allows moisture to pass through.
Before installing the tiles, cover the floor with a concrete primer to ensure that the moisture that naturally exists in the concrete does not penetrate into the surface, affecting the adhesive bonding and damaging the tiles. Most peel-and-
The tiling manufacturer will cancel the warranty on the concrete ground floor that is not applied with primer. On quarter-
Inch plywood bottom layer, primer sealed wood to provide a smoother surface for the tile. Peel-and-
The pasted brick mounted on unpainted primer plywood may be lifted as the adhesive is not glued to the surface and an air bag may be formed.
The primer also helps to prevent the floor from changing color due to knots or stains in the wood.
Primer commonly used for strippingand-
The tiling is thin for the first coating, so it fills the pores on the bottom surface, allowing the adhesive on the back of the tile to form a tight bond.
The second coating is applied with full strength.
The surface of the floor is usually coated with latex primer instead of oil, so they dry to a soft surface.
This allows the material below to breathe, inflate, or contract as the moisture moves in and out.
The oil primer may crack or peel off as the underlying material expands and shrinks.
Usually, strippingand-
List of ceramic tile manufacturers recommended primer on ceramic tile packaging.
If not, ask your flooring retailer which flooring material works best for you.
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