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District resin tile manufacturers selling

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Xindu synthetic resin tile factory, the sales manager to contact: - 133 4882 - 5100 ( Yellow manager) , xindu resin tile manufacturers have a lot of resin are customized production, main watts and accessories is dripping eaves and ridge tile, oblique ridge tile, tee, plug, great and small become warped up the feet, rectangular sealing side, v-shaped flashing, dragon playing beads, screw waterproof cushion cap, big gourd, xiao bao ding.

resin tile is a widely applicable in the new capital: roofing villa, ping change slope, garden, community, reconstruction of cave roof, pavilions, the city, old house renovation, the new rural construction, etc.

as of the date, December 25, 2019, the district has seven streets ( , xindu streets, dafeng county street street, sanhe streets, new street, stone beach street, spot bamboo garden street) , two town ( Town, a clean recuperat town) , the district people's government in the county street

( A) Formaldehyde release a quantity to

the formaldehyde source furniture basically has the following kinds: one is as part of the furniture remained in the man-made board base material not reaction of free formaldehyde, or curing of the resin produced by biodegradation of unstable formaldehyde; The second is part adhesive containing free formaldehyde; Three is the furniture material ( Melamine impregnated paper, etc. ) Or later part of the residual formaldehyde; Four is furniture for a variety of forms of cover used in adhesives, Urea formaldehyde resin, etc. ) Contains formaldehyde; 5 it is furniture for a variety of finishing coating the formaldehyde; Six is apart from the wood furniture with wrapping materials, filling materials of formaldehyde release, such as fabric, leather, sponge, etc. ; Seven is part of the enterprise hot-pressing process set is unqualified, can't effectively reduce the finished products in the production process of formaldehyde release; Eight is the part of the wooden furniture parts processing and cutting face no sealing side there is part of the installation hole, these parts easy to release free formaldehyde. Furniture formaldehyde solution, therefore, need from multilateral efforts, only to ensure every link can effectively reduce the formaldehyde release a quantity, to ensure that furniture formaldehyde release a quantity to reach the standard.

( 2) Woodworking requirements

the man-made board parts of the interface should be sealing side or coating process. Experiment, drawer sides, bottom and rail bottom not sealing side or concealed areas prone to such as finishing processing, manufacturing enterprises in order to save costs, for hidden parts not good surface treatment.

( 3) Film impact resistant

film shock unqualified reason mainly in the furniture surface coating spraying process, the process can not meet the requirements, so that the crack appeared a lot of laps.

( 4) Film resistance of cigarette calcination

this index is mainly review the quality of wooden furniture surface coating, surface coating to protect furniture from the outside world erosion role. Coating and wrapping materials quality closes nevertheless, production without heat treatment, high temperature resistant ability difference can cause the index of the unqualified.
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