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different types of roofing materials

by:Xingfa      2019-11-04
The roof is an important aspect of any home or building.
If the material of the roof is durable and weather-resistant, it can significantly extend the life of the roof.
Updating the existing roof of your house will increase the resale value of your property and will also convey the look and appeal of your house.
While considering the frame, preparation and proper installation as an important aspect, choosing high quality materials can take the look of your house to a new level.
In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of roof materials that are widely used.
Good roof materials can improve the strength and service life of the roof, while poor quality materials are vulnerable to threats and damage. 1.
Asphalt Tile :-
Asphalt wood tile is one of the most common roofing materials used because it is both economical and easy to install.
Asphalt wooden tiles come in a variety of colors, giving homeowners the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors.
These wooden tiles can also be reinforced with fiberglass or organic materials without having to change the appearance of the wooden tiles. 2.
Concrete and Clay tiles :-
Concrete and Clay tiles are known to add elegance and texture to the roof.
These are very durable for flat and steep roofs.
Concrete tiles are cheaper compared to clay bricks.
They are lasting, No.
Combustible in nature.
These tiles are said to be energy efficient in nature. 3. Metal Roofing:-
The metal roof is very durable and durable in nature.
There are two types:
Panels and wooden tiles.
The metal roof is longer than the wood or asphalt roof and has a high solar reflection ratio.
These types of roofs look great in cabins, cottage-style houses, bungalows and modern-style buildings. 4. Wood Shingles:-
Muwa has become the first choice for many homeowners because of its strong and durable.
However, muwa is not a good option if you live in areas that are prone to fire.
The wooden tile is rustic and is usually made of mahogany, cedar and South Pine.
The milkshakes are well matched with Cape Cod, cottage, Tudor style house and bungalow. 5. Slate:-
The slate is expensive and heavy, and additional frames and professional installation are required.
It is very durable in nature, very hotresistant.
The slate roof is well matched with Castle houses in Europe, colonies and France.
This is a common roof material.
No matter what kind of material you use, all types of roof materials need to be professionally installed.
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