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Didn't choose the right, will suffer!

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Most rural houses are built of traditional tile, such as: cement tile, Chinese style tile, glazed tile, etc. , have built caigang watts, the tile material defect continuously emerging, already can't satisfy the people's demand for high quality housing.

cement tile and Chinese style tile, for example, the wind after the rain, or when the cat's bird marinated in housetop, it is easy to cause tiles shift occurs leakage, the perennial double tile picking up tile headache again and again. Is now most rural left-behind elderly and children, however, went to maintenance has become difficult. During an earthquake, the layer upon layer directly on the roof tiles will pour down, cause injury or serious consequences of the item.

glazed tile with cement paste in roof, after the rain washed all the year round, it's easy to fall off, this is the cause of the high-rise buildings in the city no longer use glazed tile. Glazed tile is fragile, do not impact resistant, hail will be hit to powder. Last summer, in many parts of our country faced the hail attack, especially in cangyuan county, was hit by a hail attacked the house of the glazed tile, cover all the resin after a disaster.

rural some crates or use caigang watts to cover such as kitchen, caigang watts is easy corrosion rust is a major problem, it won't rust leak in the three to five years. And heat insulation, like a hot stuffy summer house cans, is too hot to bear.

high weather resistance roofing construction materials of synthetic resin tile, beautiful shape, material break through the soil on the defects of fragile, easy to leak, storm, earthquake, impermeability, flame retardant insulation cover, convenient installation, no need after went to pick up, double watts is suit to the development of the era was better. Cover the synthetic resin tile, not only house beautiful, safety index is also higher.
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