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Design And Specification Considerations For XINGFA Roof Tile

What is the life guarantee of your roof tile?
1). ASA/PVC & Synthetic Resin Roof Tile 25 years.
2). APVC Roof Tile 15 years.
3). UPVC Roof Tile 10 years.
Does your tile roofs fireproof?
Our main raw material is PVC, it is fire retard-en material, the fireproof performance is ≥ B1 level.
Yes, we provide OEM services.
Would my building have to be a lot stronger and more costly to support a tile roof?
1). XINGFA Brand Roof Tile is lightweight roof materials.
2). For example: 3mm thickness roof tile is less than 6 kg/ ㎡.
3). Choose XINGFA Roof Tile save your $ for roofing structure.
How do we install the roof tile?
Please contact our sales for installation guide lines.
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