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Debunk synthetic resin tile in zhongshan fraud prevention tips - on the pitch Foshan buddhist city star tile industry co. , LTD

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
In synthetic resin tile sell like hot cakes, zhongshan popular building materials market at present, network marketing and promotional activities emerge in endlessly, excited zhongshan consumers. Zhongshan consumers but the chances of such activities, the more the more need to calm, to the possible better understanding the more greasy phenomenon, when buying synthetic resin tile products will beware deceived. Let's look at zhongshan city on the field of all kinds of tricks. Let's take a look at the hint: a scam: synthetic resin tile usually have grade. Some unscrupulous manufacturers using recycled materials to produce synthetic resin, synthetic resin tile surface material with ASA and the difference between ABS, so a lot of the poor quality of the synthetic resin tile manufacturers. Anti-fraud tip: don't believe that the introduction of online, want to know more about buying synthetic resin tile common sense. It is important to carefully selected for you. The first thing to ask what grade synthetic resin tile products, and in the sales contract indicate the purchased product quality grade. Scheme 2: zhongshan on many famous brand of synthetic resin tile in design and style are in a leading position, attracted the attention of many consumers. As a result, some businessmen use consumer brand's psychological pursuit, make some generic brand of synthetic resin products, ceramic tile and mark a brand, but the price is only half or a third. Some consumers to buy the fake and inferior products covet is cheap, but no quality assurance and good after-sales service. Anti-fraud strategy: adjust the shopping mentality, do not blindly pursue brand, in person to visit the factory to buy, be alert for special low price products. Scheme 3: the price is differ, many synthetic resin tile products, no accurate price. Bad business tend to tag lower commodity prices. When sun yat-sen when consumers make a phone call to ask about prices of synthetic resin, will the chance to bid up the price, this makes a lot of zhongshan consumers in imperceptible in fell into design of dealer price. Anti-fraud strategy: consumers should understand, very low cost of product is just a common method to attract consumer attention. For zhongshan consumers buy regular brand products is the key. Don't sacrifice for cheap and after-sales service. Hire four: removed, some merchants played a brand signboard, but other small brands are selling even fake resin. In the process of buying, they won't talk about the brand, but the price is the same as the brand is even higher. With long life brand products, fake and inferior of synthetic resin tile discolor easily craze, ignore brand consumers, even buying cheap goods, but can't get the brand quality assurance. Fraud tip: buy resin tile, must first understand the synthetic resin tile manufacturers, and understand the product of the production process. Because technology is different, the price is different, you can purchase common craft, you should know that the chosen brand if you want. Scam five: in order to conceal the truth, some engineering company has close cooperation with some installation team, installation team will help you. Many consumers tend to lack of experience, like let the installer to take them to buy roofing material, these installation unions take you to a dealer they have cooperative relations. The installer is both the nursery and shield. Consumers consider installation personnel should be more professional. When choosing synthetic resin tile, they will ignore the quality, give a higher price, but they don't know the reason. Fraud prevention tips: make yourself master some simple knowledge, let oneself more professional, have their own opinions. Don't let the construction personnel to control himself, lest be deceived. Scam 6: a replacement. Although the owner after get synthetic resin tile sample bold to buy a lot of products, some undesirable businessman use subcontracting behavior, but when it is sent to the home owner, but style is the same with other products. Most of the time, consumers on the surface is not willing to work with merchants, but in fact, both the quality of the products will be different. Anti-fraud measures: to check the goods, if found the goods transfer, urge businessman return. Keywords: zhongshan resin tile factory price, zhongshan synthetic resin tile installation
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