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by:Xingfa      2019-10-27
Today\'s typical home consists mainly of wood, glass, drywall and fiberglass
We have been using the same components to build houses for decades.
But in the past few years, the science of building materials has developed by leaps and bounds, and a new building material has begun to enter the market.
If you want to see what\'s going to happen in the future, here are the latest and greatest new building materials. Smog-
Eating on the roof can play a double role: protecting your body and purifying the air that is harmful to smoke.
Embedded in the roof tile with titanium dioxide-
A substance found in toothpaste and sunscreen
Manufacturers have been able to create a surface that devours smoke in the presence of sunlight.
As an added benefit, pollution is converted into nitrate, a fertilizer.
So when the rain comes, it will wash this beneficial substance onto your lawn to help it grow.
Flexible concrete is a fundamental component of modern infrastructure, and while it plays a vital role in keeping it upright, it has a major flaw: it is very fragile.
This fragility will cause the foundation to crack, and there will be potholes in the spring, which will cause a very dangerous environment during the earthquake.
Fortunately, scientists have found a way to make concrete flexible.
By embedding concrete with elastic polymers, scientists are able to bend the concrete enough.
Carbon is one of the most common elements on Earth, and nothing seems special.
But by reconfiguring the atomic structure, scientists have found a way to turn this basic element into an extraordinary one.
Graphene is a form of pure carbon that is laid into thin sheets with only one atom thick.
Scientists and engineers are beginning to understand the many uses of this miracle.
Material: this is a super
It can make the building materials stronger, improve the efficiency of solar cells and extend the battery life.
Scientists are still working on new and exciting applications of graphene, and we may see that this substance-too-distant future.
Soft yellow or pink fiberglass is one of the family\'s nameless heroes
It\'s cheap and easy to install and you don\'t have to think twice once the walls are sealed.
While it\'s a good job to keep your home temperature right, there\'s better insulation out there.
Silica is the gas gel
It is a very porous base material that, as the best insulator in the world, has the title \"Guinness Book of Records\"
In fact, it is 39 times more efficient than fiberglass.
Although this material has been in existence for decades, it has only recently begun to enter buildings as a thermal insulation material.
But as the cost of materials goes down, more and more companies are entering the air gel manufacturing business and you can expect to see this space --
More and more families use age materials.
Smart glass windows have been around since the dawn of civilization, and there is an urgent need to upgrade.
These openings to the world can make a family feel spacious and bright, but sometimes they make too much light, forcing a family\'s air-conditioning system to work overtime.
Although the sun can be good during the day, you don\'t necessarily want the world to look good after dark.
Smart glass is a laminated coating applied to a window that allows the window to transform into a frosted glass panel when touching a button.
In the future, smart glass may be connected to the smart home system to make adjustments corresponding to the frost of sunrise and sunset, hot weather, but allow the light of cold weather to enter, and make changes depending on if someone is in the room.
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