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Custom-made resin tile cannot enjoy 'no reason to return'

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Private custom, just as its name implies is according to the specific needs of customers specially tailored, more popular in recent years. In the field of building materials market, resin tile set restriction accounted for 10% of market share, so these on-demand customized resin tile can enjoy no reason to return? The answer is not.

because custom resin is produced according to the specific needs of customers, once back to is hard to sell. Star building materials total huang said. Custom resin tile every details, size, color, material, etc according to customer requirements, if return, will cause great losses to businesses. And, more importantly, if provide no reason to return to custom tile material, someone deliberately custom may occur after the return of the goods, to give businesses malignant behavior of the damage.

as a result, the customer to fully understand their needs, we will star hair building materials sales and technical personnel to assist customer calculate the number of square meters, calculate the size before order production, production after the completion of the change is late again. And does not provide no reason to return is not equal to enterprise irresponsible for custom products, once appear quality problem, star hair building materials as a brand of the enterprise will be responsible for what.

new 'elimination' has been implemented for years, one of the high-profile is online products have no reason to return within 7 days, but the terms and provisions of custom-made for consumers, such as fresh perishable except the four categories of products. This also means that belong to the category of tailored for consumers in the custom building materials products will not be able to use 7 days right to regret. So, online customization resin tile is not regret 7 days of the right, in the national building materials stores, according to investigation of small make up, also can't return to a custom resin tile.
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