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by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Star building materials co. , LTD. Is a private joint-stock enterprises, the company existing production, and sales staff 210 people, 6 automatic production lines, with tile, 15 sets of auxiliary machinery accessories, capable of producing synthetic resin tile, plastic tile and the ability to match tiles 5 million square meters, by the authoritative department detection, product quality than the industry standard requirements, some products have reached the domestic level.

star hair building materials to take honestly as this, the quality of the enterprise purpose, won the wide recognition from all walks of life. Company for many years was a major contracts and keep promise enterprise, and in 2005 by the national construction standards committee awarded the national building material system of 'quality first, credibility, service AAA enterprise' title; In the same year, the company production of plastic tile, synthetic resin tile by China building materials association as 'China's green environmental protection and energy saving building materials products'

in 2008, star hair products upon examination and approval by the China association of reputation for quality supervision and management experts, the product of the production and use process, through comprehensive harmful material set limit to 'national standards', has won the honorary title of 'ten best of green environmental protection building materials'.

in 2009, star hair building materials co. , LTD. , fully passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification; In 2010, star made of synthetic resin tile products through the national testing center of chemical testing, 12000 hours of artificial accelerated aging test, ( 1000 hours is equivalent to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river climatic zone of outdoor 2 years and 10 months) , make our products really reached the international advanced level.

high quality star hair, waiting for your inspection!

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