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How long do plastic roof tile last?
How many screws does one square Spanish-1050 ASA Resin roof sheet fit?
How to distinguish the quality of PVC roof sheet?
The advantage of the 3-layers upvc corrugated roof sheet
PVC roofing -windproof
How much does a new flat roof cost UK?
Are PVC tiles good?
More and more companies and individuals choose PVC tiles when selecting a roofing, because it not only save the cost, but also avoid a lot of the tile trouble
how to install resin tile
Because of th advantages of light weight, convenient transportation and installation, resin tile has become a hot-selling product in the roof tile industry. Resin tiles are fixed and installed with self-tapping screws.
UPVC roofing sheets advantages and disadvantages
I strongly recommend you to use UPVC roof sheets for factory buildings. UPVC roof have the advantages and disadvantages of light weight, large single-piece area, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, fire prevention, insulation, noise prevention, wind resistance and earthquake resistance, etc., which are very suitable for factory use.
pvc lighting roof sheet
PVC lighting roof sheet have various excellent properties. With the development of science and technology, building materials are constantly updated. Among them, PVC lighting plays an important role in fruit and vegetable greenhouses,
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