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Clear Plastic roof panel

Clear Plastic roof panel


Clear roof sheet just like a window and a light of the house, which can be used for sightseeing and lighting. Many super malls, factories, hospitals, farms and other places use a large number of transparent roof sheet, which is convenient and beautiful. Many people think that the transparent roof sheet is plastic products. Are they worried about their fire resistance?

1. PVC clear roof sheet has excellent fire resistance and belongs to incombustible materials. They have reached the B1 level of fire resistance standard. The fire resistance of UPVC transparent roof sheet is better than FRP roof sheet and has the function of self-extinguishing.

2. FRP clear roof sheet is a kind of lighting product that is made of alkali-free glass fibre felt, reinforced polyester resin, imported high-performance anti-ageing film (or gel) and additives, which is continuously formed by mechanization. But FRP transparent roof sheet is a flammable material, and the flame retardant can be improved by adding a flame retardant, but the flame retardant of the FRP transparent roof sheet with the flame retardant added can not reach B1 level standard.


3. Polycarbonate clear roof panel is mainly made of PC/PET/PMMA/PP material, called it hollow sheet. Polycarbonate sheet is made of polycarbonate as the main raw material. The national standard GB8624-2006 confirms that the PC sunlight board is Class B flame retardant.


4. Polycarbonate roof sheet (also known as polycarbonate solid board, bulletproof glass, PC solid roof ) is a high-performance engineering plastic-polycarbonate (PC). The Polycarbonate roof sheet is confirmed by the national standard GB50222-95, and the Polycarbonate roof sheet is flame retardant, that is, class B1. The ignition point of the Polycarbonate sheet is 580 degrees Celsius, and it extinguishes itself after leaving the fire. It will not produce toxic gases during combustion and will not promote the spread of the fire.


In comparison, FRP is the cheapest, but it is not durable and fireproof. The price of high-quality PC tiles is several times that of UPVC, but UPVC transparent tiles can be approached. In summary, the price-performance ratio of UPVC tiles is the highest. The transparent tiles made of different materials have different fireproof performances. They can be purchased reasonably in combination with the use scene and price.

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