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China increases its assistance in Mustang by six-fold

China increases its assistance in Mustang by six-fold


Programme Officer of District Development Office (DDC), Mustang, Kedar Singh Thapa said that China has increased the grants to the district by six-fold considering the effects of the devastating earthquake and India’s blockade on Nepal.

Earlier, China was providing foodstuffs and construction materials to the district based on demands from the Nepali side.

Thapa said that China has provided a total of 7,800 bags of cement; 15,000 pieces of corrugated roofing sheet; 8,000 pieces of plywood; 1,200 tonnes of iron rod; 25,000 kilogram of pea and 29,000 kilogram of soybean to the people of upper Mustang including Lho Manthang, Chhoser, Chhonhup, Surkhang, Ghami and Chhusang VDCs in the border areas of China.

Earlier, the government of China has already installed a solar system of 70 kilowatt in Lho Manthang directly benefiting 221 households.

Likewise, the DDC said that China has sent 500 more solar panel in grant. All the materials provided from China in grant have arrived in Lho Mangthang via Chhhoser-based Korala entry point.

Programme Officer Thapa said that the secretary of Lho Manthang Jhumi Bista received the goods provided by the Chinese officials of Dhowasen district in Tibet.

The government of China is also providing assistance to the people in Humla, Gorkha, Mugu, Rasuwa, Dolakha and Sindhupalchok.

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