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Chengdu star hair building materials co. , LTD. In August 2019 the autumn league building ( Note)

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13

August autumn day, still hot.

8- An 8-16 17 chengdu star hair building materials co. , LTD organized a is not afraid of red army expedition difficult fields are only afford t summer league building activities.

in August from the city, just to give your exhausted body and mind and added a bit intense work in the stomach, modest to the emotional life of coated with a layer of the lamp body feeling.

at 7:30 in the morning we will wear collection regimental ready to go, start a ganzi travel.

in the car, with the tour guide told us three graces allusions, feel ya charm. And colleagues song all the way along with us.

long way is beautiful.

about half past ten in the morning to reach beautiful luding county, experience the red army was FeiDuo luding bridge feat.

appreciate the big bridge cross the magnificence of the existing cold poem, ready to go to the moxi ancient town to enjoy the meal.

after lunch, take sightseeing cars entering the swallow ditch, breathing the oxygen-enriched air, see the red stone burst, peculiar redstone in gully and strange stone and the color of large area leaved forest belt is the darling of the autumn.

in the evening, to the west town to enjoy the local Tibetan meal grinding. Without the great spicy sichuan hot pot with greasy, Tibetan hot pot soup base color clear, slightly cream-colored, because yak bone ao's soup made and be become.

drink barley wine, hadad wear but also the characteristics of the local diet culture.

after enjoying the special dinner, go to a camp conch's ditch wood LinSen Village hot spring bath. Pure natural spring water has high medicinal value, can treat various skin diseases, arthritis, etc. , and can quickly eliminate the fatigue of tourists.

bubble hot spring, the whole body feel comfortable, to go back to the hotel to rest, on the way. Appreciate the west town, beautiful night view.

a night good sleep, the morning after breakfast at the hotel to the conch's ditch scenic area, at the gate to the scenic spot at the gate to see the snow mountain in the morning, sun, beautiful jing is colourful.

then take the sightseeing bus via a camp, 2 camp, through the virgin forests, valley primeval forest landscape, along the mountain view of the four seasons, different weather climate change.

lunch arrives at the original forest grass haizi, have lovely wild monkeys, but monkeys are lovely is also very dangerous, must get snacks pocket cover, a bit not note will take your snack ha ha ha.

feel ancient trees, scale sea water, as if place oneself in the wizard wonderland.



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