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Changzhou resin tile manufacturers selling

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Changzhou synthetic resin tile factory, the sales manager to contact: - 133 4882 - 5100 ( Yellow manager) , changzhou resin tile manufacturers have a lot of resin are customized production, main watts and accessories is dripping eaves and ridge tile, oblique ridge tile, tee, plug, great and small become warped up the feet, rectangular sealing side, v-shaped flashing, dragon playing beads, screw waterproof cushion cap, big gourd, xiao bao ding.

resin tile is a widely applicable in changzhou: roofing villa, ping change slope, garden, community, reconstruction of cave roof, pavilions, the city, old house renovation, the new rural construction, etc.

on November 13, zhenjiang is sponge pilot cities across the country, the main experimentsite area of 22 square kilometers is zhenjiang sponge. In the face of the main face very large amount of old residential area, urban construction, how to do the sponge to improve the community environment, improve the quality of the city and it is in zhenjiang city construction faces a big challenge in the future.

sponge + mode, the old city reconstruction leaned out of the new road. Two communities and three MAO gong jiang district renovation project, put the sponge urban construction to both the construction energy conservation transformation, such as residential property increase, the combination of comprehensive renovation of old residential area and ascend. At present, the two projects as a pilot model is underway in advance, and community residents have also thumb up, renovation project is get.

the cold windy and rainy, the day before yesterday three MAO gong district renovation project site is. Walk into here, already set up on the east side of the main road of eight building scaffolding and burglar mesh, a large crane are tearing down the roof insulation board; And on the west side of main road, the residents of the trim back, being dug ditches.

the renovation project of the three MAO gong area, is a comprehensive renovation project, it is a blend of sponge urban construction, energy saving renovation of existing buildings and residential property. Felix project site staff told reporters that three MAO gong district renovation project with a total investment of about 25 million yuan, the project scope includes drainage, underground pipe network, roads in the community and residential building, the total area of 3. 5 hectares, the construction area of 70000 square meters, nearly 4000 residents will benefit from it.

the ecological drainage works of three MAO gong area, is the core area of the construction of the sponge. Related staff said, 'this is an old village, facilities aging, rain mixed flow. So the drainage is rain sewage diversion in the first place, at the same time to design the sponge in the water treatment, to solve the problem of heavy rainfall of village waterlogging, and to reduce along with rainfall in golden-mountain-lake non-point source pollution. Because many residents in the balcony and kitchen the sewage directly to access the original rainwater pipeline, the full respect for people's life demand, the original pipeline directly connected to the sewage pipe network, at the same time has been set up in the wall to rain riser, for some rain enters the garden.

felix, three MAO gong area design using sponge is low impact rainwater system transformation, in addition to the construction of the rain garden, the trim back roads will adopts the permeable pavement, at the same time in the garden stone will also match with open platform, such as landscape, to improve community greening grade, beautify the improving living environment. According to estimate the transformation under the rain garden, concave parterre area will reach 2000 square meters, green space, high permeable pavement of about 8000 square meters.

in order to reduce the nuisance, the sponge transformation at the same time, the community also has carried on the energy saving renovation of existing buildings. Putting on his hat and coat is the key of the energy conservation transformation: getting dressed. On both the building's exterior wall coating insulation putty and reflective heat insulation coatings, the inhabitants to outside the ordinary bedroom Windows all converted into double energy-saving insulation window; In cap, that is, do the waterproof layer on the ceiling, and then set up light wooden frame, and then laying synthetic resin tile. Roof ping change slope of about 12000 square meters, heat preservation and heat insulation wall is about 48000 square meters, the energy saving reconstruction window of about 3200 square meters.

another bright spot is the area of the village of parking Spaces. The city water supply and drainage management office deputy director of the Zhao Baokang said. According to introducing, three MAO gong area in 2005 had a transformation, which was inside the village also planted some flowers and plants, because the management did not keep up with, many green belts have degenerated. Area of the vehicle, on the other hand, more and more, only more than 80 existing parking lots, and severity shortage, vehicle parking chaos. The reconstruction, the village of redesign it, to draw more than 200 parking Spaces and other places to afforest. So in fact, not only the plot overall green area increased, the car also increased, the better for the residents of greening and two kinds of parking demand.

3 MAO gong area reconstruction project starts since October 1, is now gradually start rain sewage pipeline laying, tap water, gas pipeline reconstruction. Felix told reporters: the first stage, we will strive to complete before the Spring Festival in east district 8 house ping change slope, metope, energy-saving window transformation, and the scaffold, the burglar mesh, to ensure that the residents have a relaxed and clean Spring Festival; West area has completed the rain sewage pipeline, the rain garden, permeable pavement reconstruction, convenient for residents to travel during the Spring Festival. The second stage, will be carried out in construction.

in addition to the three MAO gong area and river two communities, zhuhai and seven village similar reform this year. A total of nine project covers an area of 28 hectares, before the Spring Festival will complete seven village renovation.
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