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CEMEX, S. A. B. de C. V. (CEMEX)
Established in June 11, 1920, it is a business and holding company that directly or indirectly participates in the production, distribution, marketing and sales of cement through its operating subsidiary
Mix concrete, aggregates, clinker and other building materials around the world and provide buildings-
Provide related services to customers and communities in more than 50 countries around the world.
The company operates in Mexico, the United States, Europe, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Its cement production facilities are located in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Egypt, Germany, Colombia, the Philippines, Poland, the republic of multi-republic, the United Kingdom, Panama, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Colombia and Nicaragua.
The company produces cement through a strictly controlled chemical process that begins with the mining and crushing of limestone and clay, and in some cases includes other raw materials.
Then clay and limestone were pre-ordered
Homogenization, a process of combining various types of clay with limestone.
After drying the mixture into the grinder, the grinder grinds various materials to prepare for the kiln.
Raw materials are fired or processed at high temperatures in the kiln to produce clinker.
Clinker is an intermediate product used in cement production.
Its cement types include gray plain Portland cement, white Portland cement, masonry or mortar, oil-
Cement and mixed cement. Ready-
Mixed Concrete is cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate, mixed agent (
Control the properties of concrete, including plastic, pump-able, freezing
Anti-thaw, strength and setting time), and water.
Ready type
The mixed concrete provided by the company includes standard ready-mixed concrete
Fast concrete, building and decorative concrete
Specific determination, fiber
Fluid-reinforced concrete
Filled concrete, roller
Self-pressed concrete
Concrete (SCC)
Water-permeable concrete and antibacterial concrete.
The company is a supplier of aggregate in various forms of construction, mainly gravel, sand and gravel.
The company\'s customers use their polymers for a range of applications: as an integral part of the construction and maintenance of highways, sidewalks, parking lots, airport runways and railways;
For drainage, water filtration, purification and erosion control;
As filling material;
Used for sandpits on golf courses, beaches, playground surfaces, racecourse and related applications, as well as for the construction of bridges, families and schools.
And provide customers with supporting construction products, including asphalt, concrete blocks, roof tiles, construction products, pipelines and other prefabricated products.
Mexico company CEMEX Mexico companyA. de C. V. (CEMEX Mexico)
Subsidiaries are not only the holding company of some of the company\'s operating companies in Mexico, but also the operating company involved in the manufacture and distribution of cement, aggregates, steel, other construction materials and cement
Products from Mexico.
Indirectly, CEMEX Mexico is also the holding company of the company for basically all its international operations.
Its Tepeaca cement plant in Puebla, Mexico has a production capacity of about 3.
2 million tons of cement per year.
The company operates more than 10 of about 15 cement plants, more than 85
Cement distribution center (
Including 7 shipping terminals)
All over Mexico.
National airline of America
It is the main holding company of the company\'s operating subsidiaries in the United States.
The company\'s cement production capacity is about 17.
The company operates 1 million tons a year in the United States, including more than 1 ton.
2 million tons by non-proportional interest rate
The company has more than 10 cement plants in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louis Anna, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.
It runs more than 350 ready-
The mixed concrete plant is located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, LoAnna, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, D, and in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.
The company\'s operations in northern Europe include operations in the UK, Germany, France and other parts of northern Europe.
CEMEX Investment Co. , Ltd. is the holding company of its operating subsidiary in the UK.
The company is a UK supplier of building materials, vertically integrated cement, ready-made
Mixing operations of concrete, aggregate and asphalt.
It also offers concrete and prefabricated material solutions such as concrete blocks for railway infrastructure, concrete block paving, floor systems and sleepers.
CEMEX Deutschland AG is the main subsidiary of the company in Germany.
The company is a German supplier of building materials, vertically integrated cement, ready-made
Mix Concrete with aggregate.
France CEMEX is a major subsidiary of France.
The company is ready.
Concrete Producers and aggregate producers in France.
It distributes materials through roads and waterways.
Its operations in other parts of northern Europe mainly include operations in the Czech Republic, Poland and Latvia, Scandinavia and Finland. Dechang Polska Sp. ZO. O.
It is a major subsidiary of Poland.
The company supplies construction materials and cement in Poland.
Market for concrete and aggregate.
The company operates two cement plants and one mill in Poland, with a total installed capacity of about 3 million tons per year.
Cemex sia is the company\'s operating subsidiary in Latvia.
The company operates a cement plant in Latvia with cement installed capacity of more than 1.
There are 6 million tons per year.
The company also operates nine ready-made
At the mixed concrete plant in Latvia, a moving pugmill and about four aggregate quarries.
The company operates more than 10 ine cement terminals in Norway and Sweden through CEMEX
Cement importers in northern Europe.
The Mediterranean company\'s operations in the Mediterranean include operations in Spain, Egypt and the rest of the Mediterranean.
The company\'s operations in other parts of the Mediterranean mainly include operations in the UAE and Israel.
CEMEX Espana is the holding company of the company\'s international business.
ACC is a subsidiary of Egypt.
The company operates a cement plant in Egypt with an annual installed capacity of about 5 units. 4 million tons.
Located about 280 miles south of Cairo, the plant serves the Upper Nile region of Egypt and Cairo and the Delta region.
Its UAE companies include CEMEX Topmix LLC and CEMEX Supermix LLC, which are ready
Hybrid manufacturing companies and CEMEX Falcon LLC, specialized in the trade and production of cement and slag.
Company CEMEX (Israel)Ltd.
It\'s a subsidiary of the company in Israel.
The company\'s operations in South America and the Caribbean include operations in Colombia and other parts of South America and the Caribbean.
CEMEX Latam is the holding company operated by the company in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador.
CEMEX Colombia is its subsidiary in Colombia.
Its operations in South America and the rest of the Caribbean mainly include operations in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean, Guatemala and little prep-
Mixed concrete operations in Argentina.
Dominicana, Dechang, S. A.
It is a subsidiary of the Dominican Republic and a cement producer in the country.
Dechang Latin America Group, S. A. (CEMEX Latam)
Cembaybayano is a subsidiary of Panama and a cement producer in the country.
The cement company owns the Latin American CEMEX Nicaragua, S. A.
It is an operating subsidiary in Nicaragua.
Dechang de Puerto Rico, Inc.
It\'s a subsidiary of Puerto Rico.
CEMEX Latam owns CEMEX Guatemala, an operating subsidiary of Guatemala.
Asian companies operate in Asia, including in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.
The company\'s operations in other parts of Asia mainly include those in Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia.
The company works with LafargeHolcim, Cooperativa Cruz Azul company of Royal Society, morlins of cement Society, Cementos Grupo de Chihuahua, S. A. B. de C. V. , Buzzi-
Unicem, Heidelberg, Ash Grove Cement, CRH, Heidelberg, Mittal investment, schvenk, Italian, Vika, Italian, Colas (Bouygues), Eurovia (Vinci)
Laf, Dyckerhoff, Miebach, Skanska, Assiut cement, Egyptian cement, Italian cementp. A. , Arabian (La Union)
Titan, Ameriyah, National, Sinai, South Valley of Sinai white cement, Nile Valley, El Sewedy, Army cement, Aswan Medcom, Misr Beni Suef construction materials industry, ASEC Cement.
Markets in Cementos Argos, Antioquia province and Southwest Region, Colombia, Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Domicem, Cementos ciibao, Cementos colon Cementos Santo Domingo Cementos Bailang, Cementos Andinos, Argos Panama, interoceanico, Holcim (Nicaragua)S. A.
San Juan Cement Co. , Ltd.
The egret is in the north, Goodfound, Taiheiyo, mapuhai, Pacific cement, cement group, TPI Polene, Italcementi, lire Qinxuan concrete, Tasek concrete and Hansen.
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