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by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Cement tile is a kind of energy-efficient and green building, the construction industry is a vital commodity, about its advantages and application of key performance look at together.

the complexity of the old brick kiln construction, no matter from project construction or from the efficient comprehensive above can blend in the trend of contemporary brick kiln. New tile materials products of continuous innovation, to high efficiency and after completion of a comprehensive engineering construction is very good. The cement tile ought to say into the tile product leader. Future roof will be the new roofing tile cement tile decorative materials of heaven and earth, along with national ping change slope engineering project increasingly driven, ASA cement tile advantages are also increasingly highlighted, cement tile push roof decoration building materials. Cement tile application of high and new science and technology from the organic chemistry, chemical technology research and development of new building materials, with lighter weight, compressive strength, waterproof, moistureproof, prevent rotting flame retardant, sound insulation, noise reduction characteristics of heat insulation and so on a variety of high quality, widely used economic development zone, ping change slope, vegetable wholesale market, large shopping malls, residential areas, the new rural planning household villa villa, rain loose, awning, pseudo-classic style building, etc. Strong resistance to aging, cement tile with high corrosion resistance of modified materials of epoxy resin ( ASA) As the surface of raw materials. Such high aging resistant epoxy resin is especially suitable for outdoor applications. In the geography environment have extraordinary performance, it even long term exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, heat, cold and impact, can still maintain a tonal and physics performance reliability.

has good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance of cement tile can long-term resist acid, alkali, salt and so on a variety of chemical etching, check covered 60% salt, alkali and 24 hours of the following various acid oxidation. Cement tile adopted high density and aging resistant synthetic resin tile height not hygroscopic, there would be no MPP leakage problem. Synthetic resin tile a total area of big, roofing juncture place very little, reinforced by fusion sealed it, and therefore has a special moistureproof performance.

for house, cement tile have some aspect of the overall effect. Stop leakage is cement tile more key role, but very good to finish the waterproof rain stop leakage, it is not very easy to do. If the segment structure of cement tile is unscientific, stop leakage effect is relatively poor. Single slot and channel tile two-phase relative to character, single channel tile juncture place open in corrugated is the top and reinforced the lap joint is sealed solid, the gap is not big, after precipitation drops into the joint into the conduit ditch water flow is very little, it is not easy to produce leaks. Double channel tile is otherwise, because open seams in tile edges, banpo neolithic village in front of the feed water flow is a kind of is very prone to leaking in torrential rain. Besides structural form, the permeability grade of cement tile great harm to stop leakage in performance.

cement tile tile compaction degree is relatively low, high leakage rate continuously rainy days, rain will be some very easily penetrate into body, and drip out from the opposite side, to infiltrate into the room. And high density cement tile, no matter how long time continuous sounds, status of leakage of tile body also is not easy to stop leakage effect is more of. With people living standard continues to improve, to settle the provisions of the standard, of course, and explicitly put forward higher settled in comfort level is the key parameter values. To be comfortable, house of cement tile must good heat preservation and heat insulation performance, cement tile as a shoulder the heavy burden. Cement tile itself of its thickness is relatively limited, and heat insulation on tile under sealed closed, all sealed between the double-layer laminated glass with a layer of thin air, but there are four edge sealing, heat insulation effect will be better. If all ventilation will not work. Precision of reinforced cement tile, specifications lap reasonable configuration, don't skip the cement tile, as a whole, after take a good seal is sealed, waterproof and good effect of rain wind resistance.
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