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Cement tile good or antique resin tile?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
With resin tile better sex, resin tile installation is more convenient and quick, will increase the pressure of beams, etc, was wet with the rain is heavier. Cement tile is heavy, and light, not increase pressure bearing beams, more durable, installation also does not have resin fast, no resin tile durable

the rural building, is to choose the resin tile good or cement tile is good, is really difficult to determine clear, because these two kinds of tile is new technology system of tile, although their descriptions of their looks are especially strong, but after all, time is not long, so, its shortcomings in today still hard to come to the conclusion. But its advantages over traditional clay tile was very significantly, especially its performance, light performance and installation is absolutely can't be matched by ordinary tile. As for the two kinds of what a good, can only say that each have each advantage. Below, we will cement tile and resin tile as a comparison, look at all the in the mind think is think cement tile better or resin tile well.

a, cement tile.

may lift cement tile we first think of is what kind of asbestos cement tile of the last century, now is not, of course, the outdated tile we say again. Today's cement tile is short for color cement tile, scientific name color concrete tile, also called color tile, color cement tile. Because of its is to use raw materials such as cement, sand, coating after reasonable proportioning, again through the mould, after high-pressure suppression and become, reason often referred to as 'for cement tile. Is in recent years, rural building of a new type of decorative building materials. The characteristics of the cement tile are:

1, the overall performance. Cement tile because of its high density strength, so the rain antifreeze performance is very good. Then there are cheap, service life long. And because of the large area of single chip, also makes the unit area of the tile used weight is much lighter than traditional tile, tile efficiency will be much higher.

2, variety. Cement tile according to the production process can be divided into two categories: roller tile and moulding tile, according to the appearance can be divided into three categories of S type tile, corrugated tile floor tile peace, may satisfy the requirement of rural villa on tile and choice.

2, colour diversity, for cement tile production equipment and process a wide variety, its color also almost can follow one's inclinations, not only can make unified monochromatic, can also be a variety of color overlay.

3, scope of application. Is mainly used for multi-layer and low-rise buildings, as well as applicable to ordinary rural homes, also can be used in high-grade villas and high-rise building waterproof thermal insulation.

2, resin.

resistance is used ASA resin tile engineering resin and PVC resin wear-resisting, using the new technology of extrusion a tile. Resin tile can be divided into the natural resin and synthetic resin tile two kinds, because natural resin tile because of material scarcity, in today's market is very small, therefore, is used in the construction in the countryside are mostly synthetic resin tile. And because the threshold of the resin tile low, recycling materials, inferior resin tile fade aging serious, so, when we buy resin tile, be sure to keep an eye.
resin tile characteristics mainly include:

1, the overall performance. Resin tile has stable color, color is rich, strong noise insulation and refractory corrosion resistance etc. And they are fast and convenient to install, in the synthetic resin tile basic effective width is 800 mm or 960 mm, so the tiling efficiency is very high.

2, green environmental protection. Originally for traditional tiles, don't need to ask what is the environmental protection, for thousands of years they have been very environmentally friendly. But for modern building materials, green environmental protection building material is becoming more and more small, and synthetic resin tile because do not contain asbestos and radioactive elements, and can be recycled, it is also a more accord with green environmental protection requirements of a watt.

3, impact resistant ability to work under pressure. According to a test, resin tile by 1 kg steel ball from 3 m high free fall, also won't produce cracks, that want to use for us would be more at ease.

4, heat preservation and heat insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of the synthetic resin tile is about 1/5 of the cement tile, as a result, such as from the point of heat preservation and heat insulation, resin tile is relative, is much better than cement tile.

of course, as mentioned, if compare with glazed tile and so on, it is nothing big advantages, such as waterproof, heat insulation, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, etc. , this is a normal piece of tile should have instincts. In fact, the two biggest advantage is relative to the traditional watts to save money, easy installation, as for the other advantages are nothing, you say so?
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