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Ceilite The Environmental Insulation Solution

by:Xingfa      2020-06-16
You in addition be make your R Value more efficient as this insulation panel is self supporting, you can easily place their panel directly over your exiting tiles which will reflect 97% of radiant heat. Manufactured and designed within australia to Australian specifications, Ceilite has superior benefits over existing insulation and ceiling panels. We provide an platic shipping crates superior insulation panel. Builders, Developers and architects not only prefer and promote Ceilite, but additionally, they started encourage using it because of that long-lasting durability, easy installation, eco-friendliness and affordable parts. It is the main reason why Ceilite insulation has been the hot favorite among builders, contractors, clients and tradesman. Ceilite insulation will be the plasterboard alternative useful for floor, walls and ceiling insulation. Keep in mind aspect of Ceilite insulation is that barefoot running covers maximum area with lesser amount of man vigor. Law of average is perfectly applicable to ceilite insulation, because doing so achieves maximum in a minimum of. It is manufactured, promoted and sold in Australia keeping the weather and climatic conditions in mind. We provide wall insulations with properties like Excellent thermal & Acoustic ratings, Fire retardant properties, Made from recycled products, Lightweight and strong, Smudge resistant polyethylene finish, Water Resistant, Occupational health and safety friendly, Energy rated Meets Australian standards, Locally manufactured Aimed at suspended ceilings, Worldwide patent, Minimizes warranty claims, Well marine software applications. We provide Therma - Ceil offers 20 mm E.P.S. foil backed heat reflective tile with a pre-finished vinyl face. That ideal for decent areas high is the void between the ceiling and roof area, giving that you' total 'R' value of 2.6. They are the commercial Ceilings, namely the inner suspended ceilings which bring all commercial applications where heat is a concern. Their features include Lightweight, multiple sizes, Australian made, thermal and acoustics values, environmentally friendly, cost effective, available within a range of finishes,(including timber grain), fire retardant. We offer Sound Ceil ceilings with Pre-finished acoustics ceiling panel used where sound reverberation needs to be reduced. These are internal Suspended Ceiling Tiles which is great for all commercial applications where noise is an obstacle. Ceilite offer a fantastic opportunity and the liberty to explore your imagination for a new dimension in design conceivable. The versatile profile system allows the ceiling being installed for a simplistic flat ceiling or in varying forms such as pitched, curved, vaulted, domed, 3-D, and circular. This distinctive system offers a palette of colors, range of texture, there are the capability create clean-and-cool or loud-and-colorful ceiling features and lighting effects. The Material is maintenance free, hygienic, non toxic, and is Class A (I) Fire Rated. Ceilite insulation additionally be diversified into manufacturing of wall linings, under slab insulation, under floor insulation and Drop Ceiling Panels with the substance comprised of thermal and light weight properties with hard long lasting durability, waterproof and environment friendliness. Our Insulated Ceiling Tiles are world recognized.
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