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Caigang Havana, less money a square? Cover one square - PVC anti-corrosion Havana, less money Foshan buddhist city star tile industry co. , LTD

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
In the steel market prices in more than ten yuan to 30 yuan, caigang watts has several features: caigang watts of steel plate is by rolling into various shapes of steel plate, surface color coated steel sheet, used in the general applicable to buildings, warehouses and the structure of the large house, also can decorate wall and external wall, etc. , have been used by promoting now. Caigang watts and single price is cheaper, demand different specifications, the price is different also, caigang watts single price generally is about one meter in 12 yuan, caigang watts this price is for reference only, or on the basis of the actual market. Caigang watts is light in weight, and after processing technology, more durable, color also is varied, in line with the modern people on the style of decoration, decoration is very convenient, small make up feel this caigang watts is a reasonable price, still can prevent fire, prevent the earthquake, and use life longer than normal cement tile or other tile, need not maintain for a long time, these are the advantage of caigang watts. Caigang watts slightly more moderate price, and you need to specifications, are generally in 22 yuan. The caigang watts prices are for reference only. Even on a hot summer day, on the roof in the strong sunlight, will not damage the material of caigang watts, able to withstand the sun insolates, caigang watt price is cheap, but not simple. And with colorful characteristics, let your house is the fashion of modern society in the sun. Modern industry and civil building good products. Generally around the building materials market has different price, good quality, caigang watts, the price will be slightly more expensive, at about $20 to 30 yuan between, the caigang watts prices are for reference only. And plant corrosion, the product is double color three layers and three color weather resistance anticorrosive layer composite tile, the surface material for ASA weather resistance engineering resin, is currently the weather resistance good engineering plastics. It has the weather resistance, chemical corrosion, heat resistance ( Heat temperature of 70 ℃) , stable color, rich colors and light gloss distinct the product selection of the material, and through the strict inspection, monitoring, using three-tier co-extrusion technology once processing is complete. Heat insulation is compared with anti-corrosion tile, it is better, 6 - 8 degrees a heat insulation effect, but also has rich colors and never fade, aesthetically pleasing stereo sense is strong, qualitative light, waterproof, toughness, heat preservation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, wind resistance, shock, fire prevention, insulation installation is simple wait for an advantage, is an ideal material to all kinds of building roof decoration and waterproof, as roofing material provides a more convenient and quick replacement. Caigang watts and anti-corrosion maintenance costs contrast figure of their prices are uneven, quality also is very different, consumers have no industry knowledge, also it is difficult to distinguish the product quality. So choose to large manufacturers, foshan star tile industry is your good choice, tel: 400 - 600 - 3347
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