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Buy resin tile from time to tome what good advice

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Synthetic resin tile adopt international composite co-extrusion technology, select high weatherability engineering resin material, with environmental protection and energy saving, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, difficult to burn, color, durable, waterproof and impact resistant, light quality, excellent features, such as volume stability, and the cleansing function itself has the lotus leaf, not easy to absorb dust, once the rains washed out and clean as new, won't appear fouling phenomenon, the installation of a single tile area is large, the shop is of high efficiency, complete process simple products, saving time and labor for the installation. Consumers resin tile from the following points should be considered when the choose and buy: 1, general large span workshop ( In more than 20 meters workshop roof span) Advice to choose wave high resin, such as the type 880 trapezoidal resin tile, wave height up to 40 mm, to ensure that the torrential rain drainage fluid. 2, wide purlin is apart from the roof of the workshop should choose trapezoidal resin increase strength. Circular arc low wave type is not recommended, in order to avoid insufficient strength prolapse. 3, have a high temperature workshop suggest not use ordinary resin tile, strengthen glass fiber synthetic resin tile is a suggested alternative. 4, for the color, in the absence of special color requirements, suggested that chooses white or light resin, reduce the ultra-violet rays to inhale, lower the temperature in the roof. 5, the choose and buy resin tile advice leaflet length is not more than 10 meters, avoid inconvenient installation and transportation.
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