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【 Burn the brain] Christmas gifts for killing one hundred million brain cells

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
On December 25, the annual Christmas will come again, how small make up at Christmas than New Year is lively, now also let people bother? This year, the same surprise presents no point, just like didn't send. Star hair resin tile small make up for this thing also took a number of brain cells, but also good, managed to see the results.

this Christmas decoration mainly by themselves, dangdang dangdang, take a look at my first book, the Christmas tree.

pure handmade oh, green environmental protection raw material, ha ha. Pinecone is outing when baby come back pick up, she was also with pinecone spell a mickey head, but the photos didn't turn to, had to not stick out. Branches is picking up in the neighbourhood, is to start work next time.

the branches from long to short, fine to coarse alignment is good, then use the rope together.

the next step is on the wall, and then hang up of lamps, do some decoration. Is different, also quite have the van?

the next with a garland, picking up pine cones to make, ha ha.

the wreath making tutorial:
first prepare a board ( A little bit) thick Two concentric circles, and then in the above picture, size according to your needs!

and then cut into this.

the next step is to stick above all sorts of adornment! Advice from large projects stick, the first good stick some, small aperture can decorate floret grass.

the back again to fill the gap with small objects, it is good to don't leak out of cardboard, pay attention to the colors and materials ( It is good to oneself happy) 。

the whole process with dolls, she was very happy also feel a sense of accomplishment, also said that this year's Christmas is better than before. Although gifts or old routines, eyebrow in the United States + Christmas candy bag, but she already very happy, I can meet her happy, isn't it?

everybody also for their own men, god goddess, Baby choose what Christmas gift or how to have a happy interesting different Christmas and took pains?
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