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by:Xingfa      2019-11-08
With high hopes for new technologies from scientists and investors, we finally see integrated PV (
Also called BIV)
Significant progress has been made.
The term usually refers to the use of thin
Install thin film solar energy on the roof and/or side of the building to truly integrate solar power into building materials.
The Biv does not include bulky and thick solar panels installed on the roof, but rather includes \"Peel and paste\" solar panels, solar windows, solar paint and solar tiles.
Not only are they more beautiful, but they are easier to install and cheaper.
Just take a look at the photo on the right and then consider what it would look like if the homeowner installed the PV panel.
The technology has grown to the point where several solar makers have announced plans to sell a variety of BIPV components to consumers this year: market analysts expect, dow Chemical and John Manville will be leading the sales of solar panels and other flexible film solar products.
Solar roofs using BIPV technology are mainly made up of solar tiles or solar tiles, but can also contain stripping and pasting solar panels (
Also known as solar laminate).
Since the roof material is actually integrated into the roof itself, the thin profile is beautiful and usually almost invisible.
No matter what your roof is made of, you can take advantage of free solar energy without the hassle and expense of installing solar panels.
Is there a metal roof or a flat roof?
Then there are solar panels.
The installation is a breeze, as shown in the picture above. Got 15 minutes?
You will get solar energy soon.
As described in the solar blog: appearance is the only positive aspect of these photovoltaic laminate materials.
They are also much cheaper than ordinary photovoltaic panels.
Their thinner form factor means less material is needed for the same energy production.
In addition, they can also withstand heat without losing efficiency.
In fact, higher temperatures can actually increase the production of solar laminated materials.
If you own a house or building with shake tile or even clay tile, you can also choose a solar roof.
Night of the Sun©The power tile system is the first building.
Integrated Photovoltaic roof products designed to mix with curved roof tiles.
The only thing you\'ll notice is a big reduction in the electricity bill!
The solar roof tiles are designed for installation so that only 3 inch overlap and the remaining 15 inch of the roof tiles are exposed to UV light.
It is expected that about 30 tiles will be installed on the roof surface every 100 square feet, resulting in a maximum of 860 KWhours annually.
Solar paint solar paint is another promising innovation recently.
Dye in paint-
Photosensitive solar cells under a layer of electrolyte or titanium dioxide are coated on metal sheets.
When the sun shines on the solar cell, it stimulates the molecule as a light absorber.
Electrons are released into a titanium layer of paint as a circuit.
Electrons enter the dye and generate electricity.
Unlike ordinary photovoltaic solar cells, solar coatings can absorb light in the spectral range, including low radiation frequencies (
Think of not a sunny place).
Of course, it costs more.
Compared to later installation of solar panels, it is effective to build buildings with components containing Solar coatings.
Solar windows micro photovoltaic cell technology can even be used to apply half of the window
Clear solar cell
Solar windows are desirable for some reason.
The solar film can be rolled to the window to reduce UV and glare and provide a shadow to the interior of the building (
Think about the West
Facing the window later in the afternoon).
The film has insulation-
Reduce the heat during the heat of the day and prevent it from escaping when it cools.
In other words, when you capture solar energy and convert it into free power, you can also reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning.
The window solar film has a variety of shades, and the selection ranges from almost transparent to heavy depending on your wishes.
The technology has also been applied to the sunroof of a car.
Toyota Prius 2010 is a good example.
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