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Briefly describe the advantages of UPVC roofing tile

Briefly describe the advantages of UPVC roofing tile


UPVC roofing tilehas gradually replaced traditional roofing materials with poor weather resistance such as asbestos tiles and color steel tiles. They have appeared in factories, warehouses, greenhouses, aquaculture, farmer’s markets and other fields. Why can PVC plastic tiles occupy roof tiles in the short term? In the market, let’s analyze the advantages of PVC plastic tiles:

1. UPVC roofing tile has excellent weather resistance and long service life; no waterproof layer is used in 15°-90° slope roof construction. The characteristics, structure, patented accessories and scientific and reasonable installation methods of plastic steel tile make the roof an integral waterproof system;

2. UPVC roofing tile has outstanding waterproof performance, and no waterproof layer is required;

3. The UPVC roofing tile is wind-resistant and earthquake-resistant. The 90-degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable. It can resist hurricanes and earthquakes regardless of the inland or coastal areas, whether it is used in villas or high-rise buildings. The roof system is safe and reliable, and has a novel personality.

4. UPVC roofing tile has rich colors, durability and stability, smooth surface, strong acid and alkali resistance, so it will not be mildewed or corroded in the natural environment, and it will be like new after rain, reaching the flame-retardant standard;

5. The fireproof performance of UPVC roofing tile is good and meets the fireproof requirements of roofing materials, effectively delaying the spread of fire;

6. UPVC roofing tile is the roof tile with the highest heat insulation and heat preservation performance. The porous material of the core layer makes the sound energy decay due to friction in the porous wall and improves the sound insulation effect.

The above are the advantages of UPVC roofing tile, which also have outstanding advantages in noise prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation, wind resistance and shock resistance.

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