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BMW Mini Cooper Hatch Price Review and Specifications

by:Xingfa      2020-06-18
The MINI, a car which has now entered the myth, for some years has been completely bought by BMW, and this year, after it has been modernized, while not affecting the general characteristics among the previous car, it was re launched in turmoil market, and has already had a huge achievement. Both among the faithful who worship this car, among young people, who have not experienced the boom years of the MINI in the sixties and seventies, but have been fascinated by this automobile. It has been a huge success. Personally, I find myself among them, one for I have done not experience the launch, which occured in the fifty nine. It revolutionized the automotive market, launching acts of 3.05 meters, with a fabulous engine, and this was produced even more than 30 years and sold in numerous of about 60 million a year worldwide. The MINI is shiny and sparkling. All the three different models, although a very similar to each other are yet fantastic. The colors are very beautiful in front of me and also of course like that old mini, each color has a double option. One for that upper body, one for the top or the roof of the motor. The yellow with white roof, the red with white roof, and the third all black are good. Behind the wheel you are struck by the beauty inside of difficulties. The leather steering wheel (optional), comfortable seats, instrument panel high definition, along with the center console with lots of levers, for the various services available prevalent mouth tearing. Insert the key and the adrenaline starts off.The MINI Cooper rrs known for a 1600 cc, with 85 kW (115hp) with a great speed of 200km / h. Pounds is 1125kgs. It touches the 100km/hr in 9seconds. Stop at the traffic light, pressing on the brake, and it has impressive braking entire body. A powerful ABS, just tap the brake lever, handy slows along. The leather steering wheel (optional), electric windows, with lever in the center for this machine, under the radio, 4 airbags (standard), 2 front and 2 side, 5 speed manual transmission, alternating current standard tachometer behind the steering wheel, with an extremely nice design, and electronic speedometer, the speedometer to measure speed is in the center of the dashboard, also with you shouldn't design, 6 speakers, 4 front and a rear, functions list is actually just endless. The MINI becomes quite a habit. The originality is that it will make the back seat (folding, to increase boot space), with an actual form they take up much memory space. The seats these are very low, and deep, so as to leave room for 'interior roominess. Additionally to developing a good acceleration, the engine is extremely quiet, and windows closed, you hear almost nothing. The car is reasonably stable, and does not feel any speed capacity. Everything from general things to small details, even though it is a MINI, pc or google tv behind all this there is BMW, that's a real security. Happen to be four versions, the MINI One, Deluxe, the Mini Cooper, the MINI Cooper S being the sportiest version involving.
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