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Bending resistance test of resin

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Bending strength is an important parameter of resin, the bending resistance effect on the properties of resin tile products is very large. Below resin tile manufacturers in shandong is to share with you about the resin tile bending strength of the relevant knowledge. 1, for professional resin tile manufacturers, and builders, a really good quality synthetic resin tile, according to its purpose, its main performance index is ultraviolet resistance, tensile strength. The tensile strength is only synthetic resin tile must detect project, and it's safe to come in more than 60 mpa. 2, the size of the bending strength of resin will determine the key of resin tile wind resistance. In general, the bending strength of resin in more than 120 mpa, and purlin spacing in 1. 0 m and 1. Between 5 m, regardless of the thickness of FRP is 1. 2 mm or 1. 5 mm thick, the wind pressure can reach 1 kpa.
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