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ASA synthetic resin tile with ABS synthetic resin tile in the routines you know?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
With the widely use of ASA synthetic resin tile, not only city ping change slope engineering by resin, many areas of resin tile has been adopted, such as municipal engineering, real estate, culture, thus the new countryside, the building villas, a castle in the scenic garden, workshops, large public buildings, and other areas of the roof. The use of ASA synthetic resin tile, make the safety performance of the building higher and higher ornamental value, service life is longer and shorter construction time. Combined with resin plate with self tapping screw fixation watts, security firm don't fall off, especially seismically active region, year-round windy much rain in the region, compared with the traditional tiles fracture, fall off easily hidden trouble in security, etc. Security firm is a big reason of people's use of tile. Synthetic resin tile on the roof building materials market is booming, the brand more and more, the functions and features of its unique advantages and many material, obtains the national vigorously promote, clueless take advantage in the market. So, also let many illegal businessmen who, at a low price to bait routines customers, to sell resin tile made of inferior material to customer, due to market malignant competition is intense, low-quality make low price! Inferior synthetic resin like milk added melamine, the appearance is milk, but the nutrients are different. Many resin tile engineering, light installation will fade or half a year of fade, brittle deformation, the weather is bad, or appear rupture, arch the back, nail was uprooted and uplift bulge inferior roofing construction! Material properties, however, decided to product quality, high fill synthetic resin tile no matter how thick can change its properties are not durable. This is why some 3 mm thick & quot; Synthetic resin tile & quot; ( It is plastic tile) Less than 2 mm thick, durable synthetic resin. Synthetic resin tile quality in addition to related to the underlying PVC material, in fact, surface engineering resin is more important, in addition to the surface of resin to prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent leg color, must also have fire prevention, anti-aging, corrosion resistant function. High quality resin tile is made ASA engineering resin, which is the origin of the name 'ASA synthetic resin tile', but some manufacturer can choose ABS resin as the surface material, actually ASA market prices far higher than that of ABS resin, also has a very big differences? Below we will analyze the difference in detail. ASA basic performance: 1, ASA compared with ABS, due to the introduction does not contain a double bond of acrylate rubber instead of butadiene rubber, and weather resistance with the change of the nature, about 10 times higher than ABS; Fire rating for the B1 level, to meet the basic housing requirements. 2, ASA resin tile in sunlight exposure 9 ~ 15 months, impact strength and elongation have little drops, color also has changed little. 3, due to the structure and composition of ASA resin special, ASA than ABS has better impact resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance, so the recommended when choosing synthetic resin tile, must choose to use ASA as a coating on the surface of the resin, so as to guarantee the life of the resin, and the appearance of the whole. ABS basic performance: 1, thermal deformation temperature is low, but the heat resistant grade ABS of up to 115 ℃, temperature - embrittlement 7 ℃。 2, combustible, the general level ABS burning level only for HB. 3, weather resistance is poor. If resin tile in the production of calcium powder participation ratio is overweight, and using the surface of inferior composition of ABS, then tile body are prone to bending deformation and subsidence or flake tile roof became ugly, also at any time there is a potential safety hazard. Tiles, PVC plastic tile, ASA synthetic resin tile, enhanced fiberglass resin tile, ASP gangsu composite tile can be customized according to customer requirements, consulting for more details please call the hotline: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720.
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