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ASA synthetic resin tile installation: three aspects: cost savings

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Today, saving energy and reducing consumption, to reduce the cost has become the main direction, from all walks of life field of roof tile is not exceptional also, here, resin tile manufacturer to reveal to you, when resin tile installation, can save the cost effective way. From the roof of the building structure, its structure is roughly shape, usually divided into or herringbone arch roof structure, this structure besides the overlap between tile and tile around, basically do not have other aspects of the loss. If it is used in roof shape more complex roof, the loss will be relatively more here, we can use some method to large extent to reduce loss. Resin tile product, generally is tile type, width is fixed molding, custom cutting length according to actual demand, a rectangular tile after cutting is fixed, villas or the pavilion and other structures in order to increase the house overall stereo effect and beautiful, general roof shape is more complex, there will be a triangle shape, or some other irregular shape, so it need to cut of resin tile, according to the slope surface modelling part cut off excess. Through the following several ways, can greatly reduce the cost of materials. A, choose a professional manufacturer of famous brand: in terms of material selection, should choose a certain strength and qualified brand manufacturers, because the factory has rich production experience and strict quality control process, not only can provide qualified products, at the same time, also can provide you with perfect the whole service process, industry and trade co. , LTD. , integrating r&d, production, testing, sales, service as one of the comprehensive strength, more than 20 years history of precipitation, bai was elected in 2017 national synthetic resin tile industry association director unit. Second, the scientific and reasonable design: after receiving the customer provide the roof structure, size and at the same time, technical staff can according to the situation of roof overall layout, to provide reasonable construction scheme, from the roof structure model, slope and the roof of the beautiful appearance, etc. , it is recommended to use the proper resin tile specifications, and will provide a variety of construction plan, especially for some irregular roof, for example, the roof of the t type structure, if the design is unreasonable, not only will cause unnecessary waste of materials, but also to the adverse impact on the shape of the roof. Technical staff can provide professional, reasonable construction scheme. As the saying goes, 'there are specializing in' so, considering the roof structure design is necessary to first ask professional personnel to provide reasonable solution, to avoid unnecessary waste. Three, technology experienced construction personnel: during the installation process, choose construction group is an important link, the lack of construction experience, the effect is also poor, the overall effect of roofing demanding customers, to discuss to find strong professional theory knowledge, the work experience rich, the craft mature construction group, because have rich experience of construction group, in the treatment of the roof layout, interface lap and details such as resin tile cutting from saving materials and tie-in skill will do more perfect. PVC plastic tile, anticorrosive, enhanced fiberglass resin, synthetic resin watts watts, ASP gangsu composite tile can be customized according to customer requirements, consulting for more details please call the hotline: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720.
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