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Are plastic roof tiles any good?

Are plastic roof tiles any good?


With the advancement of science and technology, the requirements for roof features are becoming more and more comprehensive. PVC Plastic roof tile as new type of roofing tile, the functions of plastic roof tiles are becoming more and more comprehensive.

 Let's take a look at what functional effects pvc plastic roof tile bring to the roof!

1. Shading and lighting
Nowadays, many building roofs adopt the design of opening skylights, so that indoor people can not only shade but also fully feel the warmth of the sun, especially in the areas close to the equator, where the weather is mostly hot, so science and technology should be used when designing the roof to give full play to the roof shading The function of daylighting, however, the pvc plastic roof tile is laid out as a whole, which is convenient for cutting and tailor-made.
2. Thermal insulation, wind and shock resistance
Laying PVC plastic roof tile on the roof can reduce the convection generated indoors and outdoors, and maintain the relative stability of indoor airflow. It is fixed by self-tapping screws, which is safe and firm, thus playing the role of wind and shock resistance. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of pvc plastic roof tile is very low and can play the role of thermal insulation.

3. Anti-corrosion, waterproof, explosion-proof
PVC plastic roof tiles have good anti-corrosion and waterproof functions, and can resist natural ultraviolet rays, acid rain, hail, etc. After testing, 1KG steel balls fall freely from a height of 3 meters, PVC plastic roof tile will not produce cracks; in alkali, salt and 60% There is no chemical reaction after 24 hours of soaking in the following acids.
4. Weather resistance, durable
The surface layer of PVC plastic roof tile is made of imported high-weather-resistant ASA material, which has high weather resistance and excellent anti-aging performance, which can ensure the service life of PVC roof tile for more than 25 years.

In the past, the roof was just to ensure good waterproofing, shading, lighting and ventilation, these more practical functions. 

Now, PVC plastic roof tile not only have these basic functions, but are also beautiful, comfortable, safe and durable!

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