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Anticorrosive PVC Roof sheet or color steel tile,which one is the best choice ?

Anticorrosive PVC Roof sheet or color steel tile,which one is the best choice ?


For plant construction, which one is the best choice,  anticorrosive PVC Roof sheet or color steel tile? In addition to considering the durability of factories, major companies have also paid more and more attention to the image of their factories, and now they pay more attention to brand image building than before.


Both PVC roof sheet and color steel tiles are commonly used roofing materials in factories. Some customers do not know how to choose between PVC roof sheet  and color steel tiles. There are indeed many commonalities between the two. For example, they are both suitable for roofs of industrial plants, warehouses, carports, farmer’s markets, large-span structural buildings, and can also be used as wall and interior and exterior wall decorations; both have light weight and rich colors. , The construction is convenient and quick, windproof, earthquake resistant, fireproof and other characteristics.

However, there are also big differences in certain properties between them. For example, color steel tiles are extremely easy to corrode and rust, and corrosive plants are not suitable; PVC anticorrosive roof sheet tiles have outstanding anti-corrosion performance. In terms of anti-corrosion performance, color steel Tile and PVC anticorrosive roof sheet are incomparable. Color steel tiles have been used for 1 to 2 years. Frequent maintenance is required after signs of rust appear. The subsequent maintenance costs are huge; while PVC anticorrosive roof sheet are maintenance-free after installation and can be used for ten to twenty years. In terms of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, insulation, etc., PVC anticorrosive roof sheet perform more prominently.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose PVC anti-corrosion roof sheet tiles for plant construction. Compared with color steel tiles, PVC anti-corrosion roof sheet tiles have a longer life and higher recycling prices. They will not cause problems such as water leakage, maintenance and replacement due to rust, which will help ensure the long-lasting stability of the plant. Operating and shaping a good corporate image, the stability of corporate operations and brand image go hand in hand, naturally creating greater value.

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