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Anti-corrosion, aquaculture workshop

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
High strength: resin tile as the roof has high strength and resistance to wind. High impact strength, 1 kg steel ball 2 meters height plummeted, plate don't break don't crack. High tear strength, strong wind resistance, tear strength is the foundation of wind resistance, and can greatly improve product correct installation of wind resistance corrosion: manure fertilizer is generally to be dry after manure, compost fermentation process, the process need to be shed. In the process of drying, compost, can produce large amount of corrosive gases such as ammonia, serious corrosion of steel skeleton and choi steel and other materials, choi steel because of the serious corrosion in such situations, the service life of the general about 3 years. Film greenhouses, though a single construction cost low, but every 1 - 2 years is easy broken, replace, machinery operation. Resin tile better corrosion resistance caigang sandwich board, breeding environment of ammonia and disinfectant for sandwich board and livestock wave plate without any corrosive, and because of this, the service life of the sandwich board than caigang sandwich board. Excellent corrosion resistance of ammonia to exempt for stabling rusting, corrosion due to the maintenance, replacement of annoyance. Appearance: the appearance of the excellent performance of the resin is very significant, surface spots, color points, no mark process, color bright, uniform performance, dimension stability, waveform rules, faint feel the jade. Flame retardant: safety, flame retardant properties, it has two meanings: one refers to the environmental protection and hygiene, another refers to the fire. The so-called green building materials refer to in the process of manufacturing without environmental pollution, no harm to human body, no pollution without damage the installation process, after use in the manufacturing of waste can be reused. Resin tiles belongs to the green environmental protection building materials. Combustion characteristic is: flame retardant, not combustion, fire prevention level B1 level. Buildings should belong to the flame retardant grade. In addition, adopt standard certificate issued by the technical supervision approval, also made clear resin tile for flame retardant products. Combustion performance of the resin, therefore, should be able to meet around in the fire department fire prevention requirements.
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