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An article sign one million, resin tile brand marketing also has spring

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Background: chengdu star building materials co. , LTD. , founded in 2011, The predecessor ding hui building materials) In southwest, the company has grown into a large collection into resin tile research and development, production, sales and service in a body's enterprise, southwest of radiation, the influence is bigger, its wholly owned brand star hair resin tile at present has become the domestic well-known brand of resin tile.

star building materials predecessor ding hui, also like traditional manufacture enterprise, steadfast to do production, products, honestly do ignore the network marketing, not doing e-commerce. Sales can't keep up with, badly run, including hard don't need to say more, to the customer will say what brand? Why didn't heard of how baidu search less than your information. God wants us to meet a few wrong people wake up a language, product quality is again good, no one knows, no brand awareness, as well as in the 369, etc.

since 2014, the company changed its name to star building materials, on the path of network marketing, we in the industry from the beginning of follow suit to do the younger brother to lead when the eldest brother, double sales year after year, on the electricity trade routes, the stronger the more we go. It all depends on the network platform promotion and the construction of the media, network platform to help in the promotion of the product sales, since the construction helps to brand marketing, media complement each other, brand influence more and more natural.

from the above figure we can clearly see the process of enterprise development, from the first generation of original unknown factory came to the third generation of clear positioning, brand in brand marketing, brand image, expand brand market influence, visibility and reputation. Now, we have to do, in addition to let everyone know that star resin tile, trust star resin tile, should let more popular star resin tile.

in February this year, we have received from today's headlines a project customer, total amount of single 12 square meters resin tile, partial time to complete, this is the power of brand marketing results. He said he had carefully through our own website and online a lot of information about us, think we are an enterprise to do things seriously, give the order to us, his trust.
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