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all roofs are not created equal!

by:Xingfa      2019-11-05
It has been almost 20 years since Hurricane Andrew caused more than $15 billion in damage in South Florida.
After this destruction, the first priority of the building authority was to improve roof performance.
This directive reflects what many witnesses observed during Hurricane Andrew.
A large part of the damage was caused by flying roof tiles.
Due to the seriousness of the matter, there are several top labs in Florida that test the Gale performance of roof materials. The Stone-
The testing of their products in the coated steel roof industry is beyond Florida\'s minimum requirements, in part because steel products cannot be as ancestral as other materials approved by the state.
For example, the subway roof products are shown by the 2006 UL report, their stone
The coated steel roof panel can withstand the wind pressure of 307 psf and will not cause any damage to the system.
When converting a psf to an mph, it equals 277-
Much higher than Miami-
Dade requires 150.
When determining whether the structure can survive a storm, the structural engineer considers the roof to be a major factor, especially when the speed exceeds the hurricane threshold of 75 mph.
Hurricane Andrew, Wilma, Charlie, and Katrina have proven that losing the roof can result in three-fold damage:1)
Buildings open to components can damage the attic, insulation, sheets, furniture and all other internal components. 2)
It weakens the overall structure and may result in further structural damage or complete collapse. 3)
Airborne tiles can cause damage to adjacent properties and cause serious damage.
When considering the merits of Stone
People can\'t help but ask why this product is not recognized as it should be.
A large part of the reason is that it is more expensive than other roofing materials, so it is not used by tract home builders.
Higher roof costs can reduce the profit that can be gained by using cheaper cement tiles or asphalt tile roofs. Stone-
The coated steel roof is considered an upgraded roof and many people do not know the benefits of it.
Many people do not understand the differences in roof materials before they face the decision to replace the existing roof.
There is also a misconception --
Especially for first time buyers.
The new house was built with the best materials.
This is not usually the case-
The Chinese drywall is a recent example.
Developers do not build houses just to provide people with places to live;
It\'s a business. They want to maximize their profits.
To do this, the products they usually use perform well enough to pass the inspection, but avoid high-end products that many homeowners don\'t like.
Another reason for the stone
Coated steel roofs are not recognized as they deserve, as they require special training and installation experience and roofing workers are not able to gain this experience by installing concrete tiles or asphalt tile roofs.
It\'s easier for them to try and convince you to buy another product than to spend time and money becoming a qualified steel roof contractor.
It is prudent to ensure that the necessary Stone experience and knowledge of the roof contractor of your choice
Coated steel roof.
It\'s always wise to ask for a product --
Avoid any problems and make sure the results you want.
It seems difficult for consumers to understand or accept that there are roofing experts like law or medicine.
The dentist won\'t give you a heart surgery.
Don\'t think that all roofing companies are qualified and experienced in all roofing materials.
Just because roof contractors have licenses doesn\'t necessarily mean they have experience with each type of roof product.
Understand the situation, ask questions, and choose wisely.
The Global Green America, the National Institute of Building Science and the central and eastern Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Fund and other green product organizations are promoting ecology.
Benefits of steel roof.
Each steel roof is made of 50% or more recycled steel and can be recycled 100% at the end of its service life.
Steel roofs help to exclude hundreds of tons of used roofing materials from landfill sites, with fewer barrels of crude oil used to make steel than asphalt tiles.
Scientific research on energy conservation has once again confirmed that steel roofs keep the home cool than any other common roof system.
Even American scientistsS.
Doe found that energy use decreased significantly when a family was covered with stonescoated steel.
According to the Energy Star program in other states, some steel roofs even have lower quality.
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