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Advantages and disadvantages analysis of synthetic resin tile and common tile type, ordinary people is difficult to choice?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Housing is essential for human living, the roof is the most important part of the house, resin and other watts zhefengdangyu for us, sunscreen, insulation, without whose house is no roof. Synthetic resin tile, and now at the top of most rural houses common type, it is divided into a lot of kinds, most people will because housing tile many hard decisions, so small make up today for everyone to say some of the more common type of advantages and disadvantages.

1。 Caigang watts
color tiles made of aluminium zinc steel plate; At the site are common, be applicable to the barrack, carport, temporary building, because it is light and strong. Shortcoming in the retention period in 10 to 15 years, so as the housing more troublesome, often need to replace frequently, maintenance, as a makeshift tent for less convenient.

2. Cement tile
just as its name implies, which is produced by the cement; Common in new rural, houses, villas, because it use fixed number of year is long, dense, variety, so for a variety of housing. Deficiency is fragile.

3. Asphalt shingle
asphalt shingle based on glass fiber mat, carcass after dip-coating high-quality asphalt, tile side cover color mineral aggregate material, another side and to isolate the material made of tile roof waterproof sheet, it has a good waterproof, decorative features and rich color, variety of forms, light surface is thin, easy construction, etc. Defect is easy ageing.

4. Asbestos shingle
use of asbestos fiber and cement as raw materials by the plate pressure; Fire prevention, moistureproof, anticorrosive, light, heat, cold and large single area. Basic are used more common in rural areas, but in recent years for the pig shed, the bullpen, the chicken coop. Because in the asbestos fiber, time is long will harm the body.

5. Synthetic resin tile
made by chemical technology to the new building materials; Suitable for various occasions: vegetable markets, shopping malls, community, rural houses, villas. 。 。 Compressive ability strong because it can withstand the strong outside influence, sound insulation effect is good, also won't easily corroded, also won't be snow and rain erosion. Weakness is unable to bear high temperature.

too much tile type on the market including the new type of synthetic resin tile, we can according to your own need to choose the appropriate type, each kind of tile type has its advantages and disadvantages, is about to see which can accept his faults, can't accept the shortcomings. When choosing a businessman, also depends on the merchant's credit value, quality of tiles, sexual price for purchasing.
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