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Action: resin tile manufacturer rural reconstruction it is safe to cover what room comfortable

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
The hail, heavy rains and flooding this year, the country more houses damaged or collapsed, post-disaster reconstruction on the agenda, how to build rural houses to safer? About the vital interests of the farmers. On the basis of guarantee safety, how to keep the local dwellings characteristics of housing construction, and respect the local traditional customs, let the villagers live safely, and live comfortable. To solve these problems, resin tile manufacturers star building materials to analysis and action.

damaged or collapsed homes, basically for building s longer old roof; Some new roof is broken, but the impact is not big, the main structure of the building in the new tile roofs, there are also unscathed. According to our visit, the survey found there was a village most roofs have damaged, but there's a tile is intact, asking to just know the owner himself was bricklayer's. According to the owner, his family's wall is brick structure, roof installation is a synthetic resin tile, the tile sheet area is large, a piece of tiles can cover several square meters, tiles and purline is used the self-tapping screws, and the resin tile material seismic compression capability is strong, so the gale rainstorm and hail didn't hurt his family. Rural ordinary roof, are put tile on the stripes and grating above, there is no fixed between grating and tile, the wind blows in, was soon to open, old tiles also fragile, hail dropped is easy to be broken.

in the sichuan wenchuan has experienced five. 12 after the earthquake, many places reconstruction is also used in synthetic resin tile, the tile doesn't break continuously, not only the wind strong seismic performance; Also fire retardant, flame retardant level achieve B1 level; Using tiles self-tapping screws, firm does not fall off; Safety factor than traditional roofing tile, but also with corrosion resistance to weathering, heat preservation and heat insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, self-cleaning, such as new, service life for 30 years, and many other advantages; Colour is abounded, can be arbitrary collocation is used to satisfy the local amorous feelings, to shine in the post-disaster reconstruction project, is very popular. Ruthless people love the flood star resin watt price support post-disaster reconstruction
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