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Aba lang measures the star of the temple 3500 ㎡ temple is the expansion of synthetic resin tile has been shipped

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Aba prefecture in sichuan province MaiErMa township, village is a beautiful plateau, there is a temple on the green hill & ndash; — Lang cuo ma temple, is a place where many people aspire to the sacred. Now tell everyone a good news, lang cuo ma temple to expansion, the expansion with star hair building materials of the grey synthetic resin tile, with 3500 square meters, is now loading shipment. Believe in the near future, show everyone is going to be a bigger and more beautiful lang cuo ma temple!

the graph is designed specifically for lang measures the grey of the temple, the production of synthetic resin tile, the surface is bright and clean, smooth, good quality, star hair building materials may contribute strength for our washing Confucian temple of the soul.

to lang measures the resin of the temple is the expansion of tile has started to loading. It is said that cuo ma lang temple by mahasiddha WuJian can was founded in 1799, more than 200 years of history, is only a hidden by himself in the great temple. Temple, the hills were kazan, the top of the hill to historical, meaning as historical to guard the temple.

resin after loading is completed, will be sent to lang measures by logistics company temple expansion project. ( Completed report: MaiErMa township lang cuo ma temple speak up resin tile installation completed)

below, star building materials to small make up collected some nice pictures of lang cuo ma temple, we come to appreciate once.

green hillside is lang cuo ma temple, red walls decorated with it, is like a holy light blooming in the green mountains.

in the landscape, make the person feels cleaning of body and mind, all the washing all read.

lang cuo ma temple of light can

the scenery is beautiful, small make up word poor, have a try to personally visit.
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