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A town in guizhou star street landscape renovation project in hand resin tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
The town is located in guizhou zhunyi, in order to promote the county town construction and development, to meet the needs of the current, the study of the county people's government decided, for the town of specified area landscape renovation, roofing waterproof decorative materials to choose the star resin tile. Now, going to landscape renovation of some houses have already started to build scaffolding.

the street landscape renovation will completely improve the town residents' living environment, but also for the town development characteristic economy and tourism groundwork of sanqu.

the graph star resin tile company related staff with the town landscape renovation project director at the scene inspection and consultation.

in the landscape renovation of some houses, the style transformation involves tens of thousands of square meters area of building, will completely change the face of the whole town.

follow-up: star hair resin tile engineering letters: more than 400 homes in guizhou roof reconstruction project
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