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A small resin WaChang production line _ drive down probably how much money?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
【 The customer doubt 】 In chengdu, to do a small resin WaChang a line drive down probably how much money? Raw material probably how many money a meal? To produce one meter asset is probably how many?

【 Answer 】 Depending on location, chengdu factory rent must also is in the industrial zone (140000 2016 began to environmental regulation basic many scattered in various villages and towns in chengdu illegal structures, so all planning to industrial park) Eia environmental certificate (100000 by conservative estimates Is there a link between see! ) Tile machine, road 200000, resin add flour mill 500000 ( See a brand machinery factory or buy second-hand resin tile production line but there is the possibility of repairing) , raw materials, 200000, the dormitory cafeteria workers set up 50000, 30000 per month, eight workers will please technical personnel of the resin raw material ratio, initial investment of at least 1. 2 million

how much money a line only machinery, specific need what machinery do you

a brand-new in 50 - resin tile production line Around 700000, are now coated asa resin tile luo, manufacturer of this machine are numbered, as soon as I find on baidu see cough up.
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