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a $110-million splash in malibu was the whale of all l.a. sales in 2018

by:Xingfa      2019-10-25
This is a year when red wine prices in Los Angeles are high.
The luxury market is booming.
But all $100.
Millions of homes and billions-
Last year, the top of the dollar debut
The biggest surprise is market trading.
According to the median sales data, the price records of coastal communities such as Malibu and Pacific pallyside, the postal codes of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are still the most coveted.
More than $30 in the biggest home sales
Mark million in 2018
There are even more than nine numbers in one figure.
Here\'s a closer look at L. A.
This is the county\'s biggest sales this year. $110 million —
Maribuhad Rock Cafe
In April, founder Peter Morton sold his waterfront home on the Pacific Coast Highway
Michael S, gas billionaire
Smith and his wife, Iris Smith, cost $0. 11 billion.
The price is not only the high of this year, but also the new L. A.
Single County Record-
Home sales.
The Malibu compound consists of two parcels, half of which
There are two buildings on Tycoon and over 100 feet square meters of Street area
The beach is full of billionaires.
Designed by architect Richard Mel, the main house and guest house features teak wood siding, automatic blinds and windows, and an ocean-facing surround balcony.
The two houses, combined with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, are approximately 8,000 square feet.
The hotel has a swimming pool and a courtyard. $85 million —
The billionaire owner of the Edmonton Oil Company franchise, malibudaley Katz, ended a diplomatic campaign in February.
For $85 million, the market deal for the West End real estate agent Kurt lapapport\'s Malibu property is acquired. Set on a five-
Kerry bluffs on the Pacific Coast Highway
The Vibe house maintains a clean aesthetic and maximizes the sea view.
Horizontal line of black granite tiles and planks-
The concrete wall is formed at 9,000-square-foot house.
The house was completed in 2012 with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, according to the tax records.
Two rooms plus unlimited
By the pool.
A large lawn and minimalist landscaping complete the coastal environment. $68. 822 million —
The late Paramount Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive Brad Gray\'s Holmby HillsIn May at North carlowood Avenue Manor is on sale for about $8.
7 million lower than asking price
The buyer is a limited liability company associated with billionaire investor Bruce cash. The wood-
Cladding house inspired by modern architectureand farmhouse-
Style building with 12,800 square feet of living space, barn-
Great Room, a home theater and five bedrooms.
A viaduct connects the main house to two.
There are two gyms and a blue Story Entertainment Facility
Pool bottom.
Facilities such as dining grounds, olive trees, organic orchards, vegetable and herbal gardens are readily available. $66. 25 million —
Beverly is on the market for $85 million, an updated and extended version of Danny DeVito and REIA Perlman\'s former home, with 18 in three monthsLess 75 million
The buyer is James Parker, son of Australian businessman and media tycoon Kerry Parker.
The compound is located on more than an acre of land in Ridgedale Drive, including a huge main building, two guest houses and an entertainment building.
The building area is about 29,000 square feet.
Designed by Robert DeYoung in French country style, the main house features a projection room, art studio, bar, study room and wine cellar.
There is a covered pavilion outside and a swimming pool next to it. $56 million —Bel-
French chateau AirA-inspired mega-
The mansion, built by controversial property developer Mohammed Hadid, was sold for $29 million less than the original asking price.
The buyer of the property is a corporate entity related to investor and entrepreneur Max Fowles --Pazdro.
Hadid did not object in 2017 to charges of misdemeanor relating to his construction of another mansion in Bell.
Air, built 35,000-square-
Go home on foot in 2007. He sold the 2. 2-
Three years later, Turkish businessman Sarp Turanligil bought acre manor for $50 million.
The vast house on Nimes Road, known as Le Belvedere, has a ballroom, Morocco-
Themed reception room and 5,000-
Wine cellar.
A spa room was designed after a Turkish bath.
There are 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms on the two floors. $45 million —
Maribuyuli sees another high
Along with Cindy Crawford and her husband Rand Cooper, a refurbished compound on the Pacific Coast Highway is sold in Malibu.
The price for sale was $15 million lower than the original price for Crawford and Cooper looking for the property$60 million.
Supermodel and her merchant husband bought 3-plus-
In 2015, a total of $50 was placed at acre manor and a nearby parcel. 5 million.
The surrounding property includes about 2.
75 acres, not included in sales.
The renovated house is located on a cliff with panoramic sea views, with a living space of 5,300 square feet, four bedrooms and five bedrooms. 5 bathrooms.
Features include customization
The interior design, natural materials and white walls create the beauty of the leisure beach.
The hotel has a wall and a gate, as well as a tennis court and a swimming pool.
On the edge of the hotel, a small road leads down to the beach. $38 million —
Larry Ellison, a maribuqi billionaire with about 24 properties in Malibu, continues to expand his foothold in the beach community.
In March, entities connected to Oracle co-
The founder paid $38 million for the beach house by Hollywood film producer Joel Silver.
Originally listed for $57 million, this beachfront villa was built in the 1930 s and has been updated since then. The two-
There are many stories about three.
With an area of 137 feet square meters, it has a beach Street, a swimming pool and a tennis court.
Living space includes two
The rooms are large, the restaurant is formal and the office space is spacious.
There are five bedrooms and six bathrooms and a separate guest house.
The main suite offers views of the ocean and Carbon Beach through glass walls. $33. 9 million —
The biggest real estate company in 2018 was singer Adam Levin, who, while selling two other properties, bought two homes in the North for $30 million.
The most expensive of his two purchases was when the maroon lead singer paid $33.
The home of Max Mutchnick, creator of \"Will & Grace\", is 0. 901 billion.
Tudor, England-
Style house was previously owned by tennis star Pete Sampras, who sold it to munchnick for $16 a decade ago. 98 million.
About 10,400square-
The Foot house has five bedrooms and eight full bathrooms.
The hotel has a separate hotel and a separate gym.
Home theater and office included-library.
On December, Levin and his wife, beharti princelo, purchased the Pacific home of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on an off-site
A market deal of $31. 95 million. $33. 85 million —
The Pacific fence, the late television syndicate tycoon Michael King\'s San Remo Avenue property, changed hands in a deal that set a new price record in the West End community.
The buyer is the entity associated with the former Miss Universe, the wife of Herbert Simon, Indiana Pacers boss, Bui Simon.
Although the sales price dropped from the original $42 million, it exceeded the previous high.
The water level line for Pacific fence residential transactions is about $1. 35 million. The Georgian-
The style manor designed and built in 2005 is located in-plus-
Acres with city and sea views. The 15,000-square-
The interior design of the Foot house is done by former White house decorator Michael S.
\"Smith and courtyard\" by landscape designer Deborah Nivens.
Details of attention include manual
Painted walls inlaid with motherof-pearl, a wood-
Office and game room with paneling. The two-
Floor plan includes 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. $33. 1 million —
Beckham and his wife, singer-
Model Victoria Beckham quietly said goodbye to their house in Beverly Hills and sold it.
The market was priced at $33 in September. 1 million.
Tucked behind the huge iron gate, at the end of the private driveway, Villa Italy-
According to speculation, style mansion was built in 2007. The H-
Styled home, painted in classic white with clay roof tiles on top, with over 13,000 square feet of living space including formal living room and dining room, elevator, library and media/music room.
There are six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a dressing room.
Next to a large set of fields full of grass, there are covered and uncovered patios.
There is a pool and pool deck across the lawn. $33 million —
Hollywood Hills West is also close to May, a deal between Lenny Kravitz and his design company for a newly built display site.
The price of the property is $5 million lower than the asking price.
Three on Sunset Boulevardstory, 10,700-square-
The foot house is visually dramatic, with a 270-centered offset roof, marble walls and retractable glass extensions
Degree of city and sea view.
The family also includes a lower one.
Indoor nightclub
Outdoor terrace and round 70
Swimming pool. A 12,000-
The Pound granite boulders combine the features of an outdoor fire. $32 million —
The Beverly ParkA Beverly Park building, designed by architect Richard Landry, was sold for $32 million to watch entrepreneur John Simonian, a luxury watch company WestimeThe 22,905-square-
Built in 2009, Foot house is a castle in France.
Amenities include a ballroom and a meeting room
Offices and libraries with glass panels
You can see the bottom layer of a brick restaurant.
This gated estate is situated on over 2 acres with formal gardens, water features, car courts and tennis courts.
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are available.
Sauna and steam room close to indoor pool.
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