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5 tricks for decorating the bathroom

by:Xingfa      2019-10-30
There are a few decorative techniques in the bathroom to create an atmosphere that looks like a healthy area.
Because the bathroom can be considered the most important room in the home for many people, it is especially important to pay attention to small details.
It is these details that are likely to achieve the desired results.
Using plants is one of the best ways to refresh the bathroom.
They can play a big role.
If you don\'t have space to grow plants, a small vase and a small branch can also do wonders.
Introduce natural elements such as plants and flowers to fill the bathroom with Zen.
What makes the bathroom more personal and textured is a fresh towel with fresh colors and patterns.
This is especially good in light and neutral rooms.
For a bathroom with dark tiles, it is good to create a contrast with a bright towel.
It\'s especially good to roll them together well and then put them in the basket.
The installation of open shelves can make the sterile bathroom more attractive.
But instead of trying to put a tube of toothpaste or toothbrush glass there, decorate it with a nice eye catcher like a folded towel or a can of scented sticks.
You don\'t have to buy expensive hand sanitizers every time you run out and invest in a good hand sanitizer that you can fill up.
This soon gave Bath a new expression and a low-key luxury.
If you can\'t hide the toothbrush glass in a drawer or cabinet, the bathroom looks cleaner if the toothbrush glass is the same as the soap dispenser series.
Don\'t be afraid to hang a picture or insert a stand-
There is only one piece of furniture in the bathroom.
The table next to the bathtub, the stool of the plant, or the picture on the shelf are all elements that add personal color to the bathroom.
In addition to being inspired by Anelli\'s beautiful home and playful color scheme, a person is nothing.
The bathroom was elegant and had a very special calm.
The gorgeous walls laid in fish leg patterns are known as Betontech Antrasite in 7 different formats.
Some inspiration comes from Linda\'s dark color palette and exciting textiles.
The bathroom she designed was full of luxury and comfortbeing. Large-
Marble Tiles and decorative elements give the bathroom a spa feel.
The tile is known as the timeless Calacatta and is in size 80x240 cm.
This is the most beautiful marble.
You can find imitation tiles in the market and produce them with the most advanced manufacturing technology in the tiles.
Of course, the most photographed for us is the picture of her bathroom, which can be experienced as five peoplestar bathroom.
Marit is not afraid to use dark colors in the bathroom, she shows that even dark bathrooms can be soft and feminine.
With the right accessories, the style becomes exclusive and elegant.
These tiles come from Norfloor and are called Micron 2. 0.
The style is novel and the style is novel. There are various styles such as 60 × 120 cm, 120 × 120 cm and 60 × 60 cm, which are unique in style.
Catherine Dolin, with beautiful photos of her home in Halden, inspires her followers on Instagram every day.
With a spacious and bright room, Cathrine creates a modern bathroom that looks warm and charming.
The bathroom floor of Catherine is Norfloor, called Betontech.
Betontech Gray is an amazing concrete imitation from Italian manufacturer Terratinta.
Concrete tiles are the last trend in the tile world and with us you can find more options.
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