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2016 synthetic resin tile anticorrosive building materials to develop

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
During the 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will vigorously promote green building materials in our country, the increase in the process of using green building materials in the production scale, mainly is the industrialization of green building materials and construction, form linkage and docking housing industrialization, which will push the development of synthetic resin tile roof anticorrosion construction materials such as. In recent years, the building materials industry added value of unit energy consumption is serious, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions cuts task more, make building materials industry resources, high energy consumption and pollutant emissions, 'large ecological overdraft' of serious overcapacity. Synthetic resin tile is a new green building materials roofing can precisely in the process of the production and use, energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recycled. New definition of green building materials: 'in the whole life period, reduce consumption of natural resources and ecological environmental impact of building materials products'. Is just such a new green building materials roofing tile synthetic resin, synthetic resin tile using high weather resistance ASA engineering resin as the surface material, the use of high quality PVC resin as the underlying material, with light weight, great strength, waterproof and moisture, anti-corrosion flame retardant, long service life, recyclable and other excellent features. Synthetic resin tile also passed the 'Chinese environment mark product certification', the results of evaluation by the Ministry of Science and Technology development center, product environmental protection, energy saving and renewable use, is popularized in our country at present to support the 'environmental protection, energy saving' new building materials products. Why is the synthetic resin tile green? 1. Function: with light weight, good strength, compactness, waterproof moisture-proof, anti-corrosion insulation flame retardant, heat insulation, long life and other excellent features. 2. Environmental: low energy consumption during the production, smoke-free without gas sewage, as the main raw material is synthetic resin, therefore, no accessories, can be recycled. 3. Beautiful shape, rich colors: as many as 10 kinds of color, can keep the ten years do not fade. Aesthetically pleasing stereo sense is strong, in line with the Chinese architectural culture characteristics. 4. Single plate area is large, there are three kinds of synthetic resin tile width of 720 mm to 880 mm to 1040 mm, length can be according to need any cutting, single area is large, reduce the rate of joint leak, also improve the efficiency of the installation, save time and effort save labor.
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