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According to a live Reporter UPDATE: At 10: 00 on June 29, 2011, at least so far, solar power stations have proved that expensive stupid behavior is completely unable to produce the energy we are so eager.
But things are completely different for ordinary homeowners.
Proof of panel company.
In fact, the small solar panels on our roof can actually be a solid source of revenue.
Not that they are better than their industrial brothers.
In fact, the energy they produce is usually too small to justify their existence.
At best, you usually only produce half the energy your family needs.
But very generous 25-
Government feed-in Tariffs (FIT)
Or subsidies, come in.
This means that the owners of solar panels can be paid in order to encourage \"green\" power.
The government has been severely criticized for its kindness: taxpayer groups complainsolar users -
The vast majority of us-
Subsidies are being provided to solar users.
In fact, the first tariff system is equivalent to providing more than one savings account per year --
More than any bank.
If we don\'t take urgent action to reduce tariffs, the whole feedIn-
Greg Barker, climate change minister, admitted that the tariff plan would be completely submerged.
The goal of the cut is the enterprise, but solar energy still makes sense for homeowners, despite setting up-
High cost-
The cost of installing a solar power generation system per kWh is between 4,500 and 8,000 (
We will discuss later what this means in terms of power);
This means standard 2.
The 2 KW system is about 12,000 (including VAT).
In other words, you need to believe that you will stay where you are --
About a decade later, these systems began to pay for themselves.
You need to be in the right place too-
A family in Plymouth produces 50 more solar energy than less.
Wet places like Lerwick.
According to the FIT plan, when you install the solar system, whether you use this energy or not, you will be paid for the amount of electricity it generates (
Thus reducing your bill)
Or you sell it back to the State Grid (
Making money in the process)-
So the bigger the system you install, the more money you make.
The average household uses about 3, 400kWh per year: the math used to calculate the yield is quite complex, but about 2. 5kWp (kilowatt peak)
The system will provide more than half of your power needs. Average tax-
The annual free profit is around 1,000.
At the time of installation, the installation time is 25 years according to the price they provide.
The price of electricity you \"sell\" back to the grid rises with the total price of unit electricity.
\"In the past, solar panels didn\'t make the property more attractive, but if you can prove that your solar panels are taxed --
Trevor Kent, former president of the National Association of Realtors, said that the annual free profit, I can see that they attract more than just the sandals team.
In fact, they have aroused interest and companies looking to profit from the FIT plan are offering free solar installations to your home.
When you reduce energy costs in a healthy way, they make a profit from their health.
But buy your own panel
Even with a loan-
Better financial significance.
There are two kinds of domestic solar technology: this type of power generation.
This will only heat the water.
Currently, solar tariffs are only for solar PV systems, but plans to extend them to simpler, cheaper solar thermal systems that cost just £ 3,000. £5,000 each.
Is your home right? South-
The face is ideal
You lose 15 cents east or west. as is a 25-
45 degree sloping roof and about 30 square meters of roof space (
All the energy data cited by the system here refers to the \"ideal\" family).
Shadows of trees or buildings reduce performance.
As long as the planning license does not exceed 200mm square meters on the roof line, planning permission is generally not required.
Listed buildings or protected areas may be restricted-
Visit the plan Portal. gov. uk for details.
With a solar photovoltaic system, each panel has a half-layer battery
Conductive material, usually silicon.
When the light hits the battery, it produces an electric field.
Choose between standard roofsInstallation panel (the cheapest), built-
In a flush panel inside the roof, or in a solar tile that completely replaces traditional tiles.
The tiles are more expensive, but the cost can be offset if your roof already needs to be replaced.
The price of each installed kWp ranges from 4,500 to 8,000.
With these two systems, the wires will pass to a \"solar meter\" in your attic to show you how much you make, then the electricity will flow to your home power system or back to the State Grid where you can make a profit.
Energy is usually not stored or stored for later use.
If you don\'t use it, energy will be sold back to the state grid.
The money you get is-slightly -
Less than what you pay per unit on your bill, so if you have solar, high yield is worth it
During the day, when your panel generates electricity, the drainage equipment, such as the washing machine.
A series of solar thermal systems
Frozen objects mounted behind the roof glass.
The sun heats the liquid and the liquid is pumped through the coil inside the hot water tank to produce a temperature of up to 60 °c.
Perfect for bathing. A two-panel system (4 sq m)
About 50 should be provided-
60 per cent of your hot water needs.
Although the final details remain unstable and may change, the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
It has been indicated that 300 and 8 are paid per system.
5 p of heat per kilowatt hour can be provided to people who install solar thermal heating at home.
You have to choose between \"tablet\" and \"evacuation --tube\' systems.
Evacuation tube is more expensive but more efficient.
Don\'t forget that you still need an ordinary boiler to replenish hot water on nights or cloudy days.
The budget for installing the system is between 3,000 and 5,000
The kit starts at £ 1,000, but you will need a DIY experience and scaffolding for installation. SOLARWORLD 2.
£ 9,870 35 kWp system (installed), myplanetuk.
The output of the Com-type roof panel is 1, and the roof space of 98 KW hours per year is 16. 82 sq m 25-
The annual revenue of £ 25,938 * is not the most beautiful panel, but the Solarworld system makes a very efficient use of a small roof space.
With government funding, you will receive £ 880.
£ 33 per year, earn £ 25,938 in 25 years, get your money back in 10 years, and save an average of £ 157 per year on energy bills.
However, you need to consider the cost of scaffolding. 3.
190 W single crystal 15,453 (installed)
Green electrician. co.
Roof space requires 27 square meters 25-UK type roof panel output 3, 425kWh
Annual income is 58,828 * expensive, but this is low-
The comprehensive design should meet most of the electricity demand of the home.
Installation is more seamless than solar tiles and does not include scaffoldingbut with an 8. 8-
Annual returns and suitable income of £ 1,483 per year, plus electricity savings and export duties of £ 293, you will make a net profit of £ 58,828 over 25 years.
Solar Century 2KWP C21E solar roof tiles £ 8,850. co.
British roof tile production 1,674.
5 kWh roof space is required for one year, 24, 1 is required.
97 kwp requires 42 tiles (30x120cm each)25-
Annual revenue of 21,437 * award-winning designs seamlessly replace flat roof tiles, which, unlike the vast majority, can be used to protect and market areas.
The tile is designed to be installed by a standard roof contractor and is ideal if you are going to replace the entire roof.
Relatively speaking, the price of retro is more expensive
Fit systems, but will generate £ 753 per year for FIT payments, reduce the electricity bill by £ 105, take ten years to pay it back, and earn £ 21,437 in total revenue over 25 years.
2 Grove Bury.
16 KWP single crystal photovoltaic watt 10,000 (Plus costroofing), monier. co.
British-style tile production 1, 854kWh per year (based on 30-
Roof degree in London)
14 roof space required. 8 sq m 25-
Annual income of 23,800 * far less than solar century roof tiles (previous page)
However, each PV tile is designed to replace six concrete tiles in the shape of Redland Grovebury, which means that the panel will not stand out from the roof line.
They can only be installed as part of the reinstall
Roof, using only specific tiles, but they are highly efficient, with a proper profit of £ 952 per year and a profit of £ 23,800 in 25 years. DULAS 3.
87 kwp Kyocera KD215 multi-Crystal module £ 13,545 (installed), dulas. org.
Roof space needs 30 square meters 25-UK type roof panel output 3, 320kWh
Annual income of 35,939 * one of the classic modified panels with better appearance.
With this system and the best conditions, you should enjoy free electricity for most of the year in a standard home.
Accessories take about three days, including the cost of scaffolding
Although the initial expenditure was high, 9-
£ 1,438 per year for FIT payments and £ 35,939 per year for 25 years is impressive. DULAS 1.
44KWP multi-Crystal module with FRONIUS IG15 inverter 5,040 (installed), dulas. org.
UK type roof panel output 1, 235kWh that requires 11 square meters of roof space (7. 6 sq m per kW)25-
Annual revenue of 13,368 * classic retro installation of solar panels, the cost of scaffolding included in the price.
The average installation takes two to three days with minimal disruption.
Not the biggest system, so you won\'t cut too much energy costs, but with the FIT plan you will receive £ 519 a year to earn your money back in nine years, net profit of 13,368 in 25 years.
Worcester-greenskey tablet system £ 3,600bosch. co.
60 per cent of UK hot water demand output
Two collectors need 8 square meters of roof space per year, and about 600 free showers. This ultra-thin model can be mounted on the roof to form a seamless profile for no more than two days.
Once running, you can expect it to meet your 600 hot water needs or about a free shower per year.
It does need a forever
On the electrical connection, but you will be entitled to a renewable heat award once the government confirms the details.
RM solar dual panel-
2,198 roof kit (uninstalled), diy. com Output 50-
On average, the required home roof space requires 70 hot water 4.
8 m² for 2 mounted panels, it shall always be installed by a qualified plumber or on its own
Builders who want to cut labor costs and household expenses.
It will supply 50-
70 cents hot water for a standard home and connected to a standard heating system, but you need to consider the cost of scaffolding.
When installed by a certified installer, the product is approved for renewable thermal incentives.
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