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100 - How many synthetic resin tile shop 200 square? How much money to use resin tile?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Takeaway: golden nine silver ten has arrived! Recently our sales colleagues also gradually got a call from synthetic resin tile consulting clients have dozens of square and building area, 100 - Also has a 200 - square - meter ( More common) Calculate the amount we usually give customer free of charge.

today star hair small make up to you to dry, the first point: synthetic resin tile in front of the simple process is introduced. The second point: 100 - How many resin tiles to cover 200 square house? And resin tile accessories with? Need how many money?

100- 200 - square - meter resin tile want how many money?

consult synthetic resin tile in front of the simple introduce it

1. Understand customers for synthetic resin tile quality, different thickness of the above requirements? Use of resin tile use scope?

synthetic resin tile specifications:

material: ASA ( Official: new materials/half new materials; Commonly known as: a bit better) 、ABS ( Slightly inferior to the ASA; Commonly known as: general)

thickness: 2. 0毫米,2。 5毫米,3。 0毫米( It is conventional thickness) If it is engineering usage is meet the demand of custom.

width: 880 mm ( Effective 800 mm, need a wave lap) 1050毫米( Effective 960 mm) 。

length: according to customer's roof size cutting, Pitch - 219 mm 220毫米)

conventional color: bordeaux red, grey, red, sky blue China

because our star tile material thickness, specifications, there are many kinds of color combination, so want to know about customer in front of the synthetic resin tile of choose and buy needs, providing customers with better suited to TA roofing tile solutions and Suggestions.

Ps: if it is a newly built homes, old house renovation, and want to use more than 20 years, it is recommended to use the thickness of 3. 0 mm, ASA resin tile pewter.

2. What's the area of customer roofing? Several surface drainage?

1) Your roof area to our manager, will put out your transportation cost.

2) Know that you are a few surface drainage, how many accessories for you to use, and build on the neighbor's roof on the beautiful compared to the same degree and collocation. ( In preparation for the calculate quantity)

synthetic resin tile accessories

- 100 How many resin tiles to cover 200 square house? And resin tile accessories with? Need how many money?

1. Provide accurate roofing ABC size ( Two drainage) Or the ABCDE size ( All drainage)

with herringbone roof, all drainage size

2. Below for the salween customers - 130 150 square resin tile main tile and accessories list ( Send information prohibited reproduced)

resin tile list

3. Below guangyuan customers more than 300 flat synthetic resin tile main tile accessories list ( Send information prohibited reproduced)

list of more than 300 square meters resin tile

4. Resin tile manufacturers video

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( Note: image sources to film star hair building materials, edited by xiao bao to sort out without permission prohibited reproduced, also can be in baidu search star resin tile http://www. sckbjc。 com/gsxinwen/366. html)
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